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Everything You Should Know About Backyard Fire Pits in OKC

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An example of a portable Fire pits in my Backyard OKC


Fire pits in my Backyard OKC - An example of a gas powered fire pit made out of stone

Thinking about backyard fire pits? An outdoor fire pit adds some charm to your backyard. Perhaps, you’ve been interested in sitting around a fire outback. Adding a stone fire pit surrounded by outdoor furniture might be perfect. However, there are a few things you need to know first. 

Is it Safe to Put a Backyard Fire Pit in a Grassy Area?

Most of the time, grass covers your backyard. So is it even safe to put a fire pit back there? Well, safety should always be a top priority, but a backyard fire shouldn’t be out of the question. First, you’ll need to check with your local laws. In OKC, most homeowners can have them, assuming they’ve got the proper permits. 

Rules and Regulations Vary by Locality

 Where can you put a stone fire pit in your yard? Installing them within 20 ft of any structure is usually prohibited. If it’s further away than that, you shouldn’t have to worry. Still, check with your local authorities to be sure. Sometimes, things are different depending on the neighborhood. Some HOAs may even have rules regarding their placement. 

Do You Need a Permit?

 Portable fire pits rarely need a permit. Still, if you’d planned on something a bit more permanent, you might need one. Getting a permit is usually pretty simple. Speak to city hall to see what’s needed. We can also help you do that here at Scapes Landscape Designs.

What Qualifies as Open Burning?

 In some cases, you can’t do any open burning without fire marshal approval. So, how do you know what qualifies as open burning? Typically, anything burnt outside of an approved container would qualify. Chimneys and grills wouldn’t, but a fire pit table might. 

How to Protect Grass From a Fire Pit

 Burning something on top of your grass could be a safety hazard. Not to mention, you could destroy your lawn. Protecting your grass isn’t too difficult, luckily. We’d suggest putting down a fire safety mat if you’re using a portable fire pit. When you have a permanent one, leave some space between it and the lawn. 

What’s the Cheapest Way to Put a Fire Pit in My Backyard?

 Building a fire pit can vary wildly in cost. A simple DIY project won’t eat up too much of your budget. Still, a designer fire pit might run into the thousands. Depending on your needs, our landscape designers can find something that won’t break the bank. 

An example of a portable Fire pits in my Backyard OKCPortable Fire Pits Can Be Cost-Effective

 Of all the types of fire pits, a portable one might be the least expensive. You won’t have to worry about paying for labor, either. Plus, once you’ve finished burning things, you can remove them. That way, your lawn will still be mostly open living space

If You Want a Permanent Backyard Fire Pit, Choose Cost-Effective Material

 Even permanent backyard installations can be done affordably, given the suitable materials. Certain styles seem to cost a fortune, but not all of them do. Compare different materials when you’re looking at your options. Sometimes, you could even find something fancy on sale, drastically cutting the cost. 

How Can I Make Sure My Fire Pit Gives Off Enough Heat?

 OKC has some pretty chilly winters. Hanging out around an open fire sounds lovely during those times of the year. However, will your fire pit warm everyone up? To answer that, we’ll have to consider what type of fire you’ve installed. Fires always burn as hot as their fuel. So, if you’re not a fan of the cold, you might be better off burning something hotter. 

Measuring Heat From Your Fire Pit

 The measurement used based on heat is BTUs or British Thermal Units. BTUs tell you how much heat is produced by your fire pit. For example, your oven creates somewhere between 16,000 and 17,000 BTUs. The hottest fire pits can reach as high as 100,000 BTUs. If you’d like to know for sure, you’ll need to get a measuring device. The further away you are from the fire, the less heat you’ll feel. Test how far away you can still feel the fire’s radiant heat. Besides, that will make placing outdoor furniture a little easier. You wouldn’t want it to be so close that it melts. At the same time, if it’s too far away, you might feel like you’re freezing. The EPA has some great backyard recreational fire safety tips you should check out. 

How to Control the Heat of Your Backyard Fire Pit

 Some fuels burn hotter than others. That said, most fire pits let you control the size of the flame as well. The larger the flame, the hotter it’ll be. Choosing the right fuel source could make a big difference in any case. Depending on which one of them you have, controlling the flame will be different. 

Types of Fire

Natural Gas:

  •  Natural gas fires are prevalent because they don’t cost a whole lot. However, most of them create about 40,000 BTUs of heat. That is reasonably warm, but it’s not too hot, either. Natural gas fires can be made warmer by letting in more air. There should be a knob somewhere that controls the flow of fuel. By opening it up a little, things should warm up. 


  •  Propane fires are among the easiest to control. You’ve probably used one of them whenever you’re grilling. Backyard fire pits work just like a propane grill. The more fuel that gets burnt, the hotter things become. As such, increasing fuel intake should help stave off the cold. Usually, you’ll see propane fires burning around 50,000 BTUs.

Wood Burning:

  •  Wood burning pits are the most variable, but they’ll burn the hottest. The heat of a wood fire depends on the type of wood-burning. Some species create much more thermal energy. Plus, creating a more significant fire is as simple as adding more wood. So, if you’re looking for the hottest fire, consider a wood-burning fire pit. 

Scapes vs. Home Depot

 Scapes has been helping homeowners install backyard fire pits for years. If you’re thinking about adding one to your backyard, give us a call. Our experienced team would love to discuss your options.

Everything you need to know about backyard fire pits infographic

Local Landscape Designers in OKC With Creative Backyard Ideas

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All homeowners have the dream of making their home look as beautiful as it could be. One of the best ways to do that is by finding trustworthy and knowledgeable local landscape designers in OKC.

local landscape designers


 Landscaping helps add plants and other non-leaving features to the yard that add to its beauty. However, lawn care is one of the most tiresome and time-consuming tasks clients can do, which is why people choose professional landscaping services. 

 Sometimes, it is hard for homeowners to decide what to do with their outdoor space, requiring landscape designers. 

 These are professionals who help clients create plans for how to upscale their homes. Those plans include both hardscape and softscape features.

Why Hire Local Landscape Designers in OKC?

1. Availability and reliability

 Most local landscape designers in Oklahoma City have offices near the client, which means they get to the clients faster than other companies. 

 It is also possible for the customers to visit the designers’ offices and talk to them one on one instead of talking to other companies over the phone. 

 Because of how fast the local designers can get to their clients, it is easier for them to develop a work schedule that will work for both of them. 

2. Understand trends and local regulations and local flora

 Local landscape designers understand all the landscaping trends, regulations, and requirements of the area. That means that when they complete their work, not only will the client have perfect results, but they will not have the risk of being on the wrong side of the law. 

3. Good relationship

 With a local designer, there are chances that the client knows them directly or knows someone who knows them directly. 

 With that kind of relationship, communication between the client and the designers is better, but the client will feel free to express their ideas or concerns to the designers. The clients also don’t have to worry about the security of their property or the company’s legitimacy. 

4. Good results

 When clients work with local landscaping companies, they are guaranteed an excellent job, unlike if they did the job themselves. That is because the employees have the proper knowledge, skills, experience, and equipment. 

How To Find the Best Local Landscape Designers in OKC

Local landscape designer backyard, grandmother and grandson enjoying garden maintenance.

 When clients want to get the best backyard designing services, they need to look for the best landscape designers in Oklahoma City. Some of the things they can do to ensure they land the best local landscape designers include: 


 Clients can go to the internet and look for all the local landscaping designers near them. They can also read landscape blogs and look at the ones that many people highly recommend. 

Ask about their experience

 Clients must understand how long the company has been designing landscapes. For that, they need to ask the company about some of their latest jobs and ask for photos or videos. 

Look at their reputation

 Clients should check what other clients say about the company and how good they are at their job. The first way is to view their profile, which means visiting the company’s website and other social media pages to read about their values and qualities. 

 While at it, clients should also read the customer reviews and look at the company’s ratings. That way, they have an idea of the services to expect. 

Difference Between Landscape Designers, Landscape Architects, And Landscapers

Landscape designers

 Landscape designers are professionals who help clients develop a plan of landscaping their outdoor space depending on the size, climate, topography, and needs of the clients. Just like interior designers, they use certain design elements to make an outdoor space beautiful. 

 Landscape designers work on small-scale projects, primarily residential properties, and do not need a degree or license to do their job. While their responsibilities could vary depending on their experience and knowledge, some of their primary responsibilities include; 

  • Setting up meetings with their clients 
  • Making 3D models or CADD plans depending on the clients’ budget and goals 
  • Taking photographs of the property and recommending things you can do
  • Planning and discussing the overall style of the landscape with their clients 
  • Landscape architects

Unlike landscape designers, landscape architects work on large-scale projects and need a degree and license to work. 

Landscape architectural work involves bringing natural elements like plants and non-living structures like water features to ample space. Some of their responsibilities include; 

  • Meeting with clients and other team members like engineers 
  • Create plans with CADD technology
  • Researching the worksite to identify any limitations or difficulties
  • Research about all the regulations and requirements for them to work on the site 


 Landscapers are the people who bring landscape work to life. They need the proper education and a license to operate. Some of their responsibilities include; 

  • Bringing all the ideas suggested by the landscape designer to life 
  • Maintaining the outdoor space by mowing the lawn, trimming flowers and edges, fertilizing, mulching, and watering 
  • 3 Creative Backyard Ideas From Local Landscapers

1. Water features

Adding water features to the backyard is one of the designs that many people are continually adapting. Some of the water features could include ponds, fountains, or bird feeders. 

These features make the backyard look beautiful and help maintain a cool atmosphere in the yard. They also attract animals like birds in the backyard, which could help pollinate flowers and fruit trees. 

However, the main disadvantage is that they need maintenance to keep them looking clean and beautiful. 

2. Add pops of color

When many people think about landscaping, their mind clicks to make their outdoor space as green as possible. While that is a great idea, adding different bright colors to the backyard makes it fun and attracts more pollinators to the yard. 

People can add fun colors by adding different colored flowers, painting their planters, or painting features like the fire pit. 

3. Have a kid zone

Homeowners who have kids have to deal with the kids walking all over the place and sometimes destroying their flowers or other structures. 

Adding a kid zone is the solution to keep the backyard from damage and ensure the kids have maximum fun in the backyard. They can have some things like a slide or a treehouse where the kids can play.

Contact a reliable and creative local landscape designer in OKC now!


 What Oklahoma Trees are the Best For Your Yard? 

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Oklahoma trees with fall colored leaves

Oklahoma Trees

People often plan trees for various reasons, such as a reminiscence of childhood, mark a special memory, and remind people we once knew. However, if the trees are grown in an unsuitable environment, they become weak and vanish quickly. As such, it is essential to select the Oklahoma trees best suited for your yard carefully.

Fortunately, some trees have proven to thrive in our yards and beautify the landscape with ease. Such trees are the Oklahoma trees selected by an expert team of horticulturists from Oklahoma State University. Here are the top trees to consider for your garden.

What Trees Grow in Oklahoma?


There are 13 species native to North America, with eleven of the species appearing like trees. They have a fleshy and berry-looking cone from where seeds develop and leaves thrive. Generally, the leaves seem more like scales than coniferous needles.

Autumn Blaze Maplean Oklahoma tree with orange leaves

It is one of the most distinct and flourishing Oklahoma trees during fall, with brilliant and lasting orange color. The tree is known for its uniform branching and fast growth rate. It can thrive in warm climates thanks to its deep roots.

Crepe Myrtle

The trees are best known for their colorful and lasting flowers occurring during summer. They are sinewy, fluted stems with branches having a mottled appearance and shed leaves throughout the year. While their entire species are woody, their height can range from 100 feet to under 1 foot. Nonetheless, they are primarily medium-sized multiple trunked shrubs and trees, with leaves giving a particular autumn color.

Bald Cypress

It is a classic tree primarily found in the southern swamps. That is its native habitat and is known for its peculiar trait of raising conical knees from its roots. The purpose of the growth is a mystery, although most people believe the conical knees help roots get more oxygen. In the right soil type, it thrives pretty well. Thus, it can offer an excellent shade and beauty to your yard.

Lacebark Elm

Here is one graceful tree with a round crown decked with lustrous dark green leaves that change from yellow to reddish-purple during winter. As such, it is likely to stand out in your backyard thanks to its distinct bark, which produces colorful patterns in the trunk. It is a medium-growing tree when planted in the right conditions and is hardly affected by diseases.

Chinese Pistache

The tree starts with an unattractive appearance when young but blossoms into a magnificent specimen. It is tough enough to grow in urban conditions, and it is not sensitive to various types of soils, making it suitable for dry landscaping. Full sun is ideal for tree growth as it requires at least six hours of sunlight every day.

Shumard Oak

The tree is considered stately, strong, and lasts for ages with attractive fall color. It is a stunning selection for the backyard as it is highly adaptable, making it suitable for urban growth. Poor soil drainage, air pollution, drought, and compact soil hardly affect its growth, making it favorable for metropolitan homeowners.

Blue Ice Cypress

It is also known as evergreen as it’s tenacious and unmoved by searing heat or strong winds. Besides, icy cold winters hardly affect its green leaves that never change color. You will be amazed that wildfires are their friends as they help release seeds for the next generation. They were discovered in New Zealand and had a fast growth rate, although they are skinny initially.

Nellies R Stevens

It is a cross between the Chinese Holly and English Holly. It has a naturally dense and broad pyramidal shape. The leaves appear glossy with an ever dark green color making them the darkest of any backyard plant. Flowers appear in spring to facilitate pollination and produce attractive red berries. Besides, it can adapt to several environmental conditions thanks to its superior drought tolerance qualities.

Oklahoma Red Buda native Oklahoma tree with pink leaves

It is one of the ideal native Oklahoma trees favoring homeowners who desire ornamentation and have enough space in their yard. The tree can grow to a height of 20 to 25 feet and gives red flowers from the trunk and branches in spring. Besides, it comes with pink leaves that slowly turn green. It is essential to plant the tree without frost threat to ensure a fast growth rate.

Broadleaf Evergreen

When considering what trees grow in Oklahoma, broadleaf evergreen should top the list. It is famously known for its southern plantation fame, strong horizontal limbs, long life, and evergreen leaves. In addition, the tree is regarded as one of the native Oklahoma trees due to its reliability.

Sargent Crabapple

It is an exotically stunning small tree. It is regarded as exotic since even without pruning, it develops a distinct oriental appearance. Besides, it is more comprehensive than it’s tall, giving a windswept appearance. If you have power lines in your backyard, it is the best tree for you as it will never require butchering by the power tree police.

In spring, the tree is smothered small with cherry red flower sprouts. Next, the bids open to give pretty white blooms featuring yellow stamens. They are followed by developing a red fruit that sticks to the tree instead of littering the lawn. When asked what trees grow in Oklahoma? Give Sargent Crabapple as the first answer as it requires minimum pruning. It is the best tree to plant in your backyard if it gets uninterrupted sunlight and good air circulation.

Having discussed the 11 trees suitable for your garden in Oklahoma, you can make your choice to best suit your garden. Always remember to check the condition of your soil and compare it with the tree’s requirements to facilitate fast growth. Also, consider the size of a tree when fully grown to avoid a scenario where you have to bring down a beautiful tree due to its size. Some trees may extend to the extent that it’s too big to suit your home. Others may be too small to reach your desired size, and it is good to be mindful of the trees’ size. Most importantly, consider how different climatic conditions and weather changes affect tree growth, fruiting, and leaves.

Scapes Landscaping OKC has a rich history of bringing high quality landscaping design to the OKC area. We’re known for serving Oklahoma City landscaping clients with the best rated residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services! Be sure to check out our before and after landscaping gallery. Contact us today at 405-376-0505 and request a quote.

Benefits of Outdoor Kitchens

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Benefits of Outdoor Kitchens header

The Benefits of Creating Outdoor Kitchens

There are several reasons that someone might find a way of adding an outdoor kitchen to their home. First, outdoor kitchens benefit from what a person thinks about when they first consider purchasing a grill or getting a counter installed outside. Second, those who want to better their home might consider adding an outdoor cooking and eating space that they can use whenever they want to get outside. Read on to learn about the benefits of outdoor kitchens!

 Changing Up The Routine:

Those who wonder about the benefits of outdoor kitchens might be surprised at how much their everyday routine is changed when they have such a kitchen in place. If someone is tired of cooking the same meals and eating in the same place each day, they will appreciate getting outside to cook and eat. The one who is looking to bring a change to their daily life can benefit from having a food prep area created on their patio.

outdoor kitchens Used for Entertaining Guests:

Those who do not have a lot of space inside their home to entertain their friends might appreciate the extra space that is made available when they have an outdoor kitchen created. When a person can cook outside rather than in their crowded home, they can visit with their guests while they are cooking and allow those guests to play lawn games or enjoy a beautiful sunset.

 Adds to the Value of a Home:

When a person adds a grill or outdoor stove of some kind to a home, they add to the value of their home. Likewise, when a person creates a well-thought-out outdoor kitchen area on their patio, they make their home more likely to sell in the future. Those looking for simple ways of adding value to their home should consider redoing their whole patio area and putting up an outdoor kitchen.

Can Make a Home Look Nice:

Some are proud of the way that their yard looks, and others know that the yard needs a little work. Those who want to have a patio that will draw attention from guests and neighbors should consider buying high-end gear and getting an outdoor kitchen set up. A person will feel proud of their setup once everything comes together.

Convenient to Use:

Those looking for benefits related to creating a kitchen on their patio should understand how convenient it is to use this type of kitchen. For example, the one who has a pool in their yard and wants to stay close to that pool will put something on their grill and keep an eye on it while swimming. In addition, an outdoor kitchen allows a person to cook while enjoying time outside, rather than making a person go inside and get cleaned up in order to start putting a meal together.

Benefits of Outdoor KitchensDiscover a New Way of Cooking:

Some foods are best made outside and on a grill. The person who feels tired of making the same foods all of the time might like getting outside and using a kitchen on their patio. They will find new inspiration for their cooking when they are outside, and there are some things that they can make outside that will taste, unlike anything they would make inside.

Don’t Require a Lot of Cleanup:

Those who are tired of cleaning their whole kitchen each time they put a meal together might like the simplicity of using outdoor space for cooking. It does not take a lot of work to clean the area where food is prepped outside, and an outdoor kitchen area can cut down on the amount of time that a person spends cleaning.

Customized to Meet a Person’s Specific Needs:

Each person has different ideas for what they think outdoor kitchen areas should offer, and the one who is having such a space created can customize that space as they like. A person can decide how much of their patio they want to dedicate to creating a kitchen space and picking out the types of equipment they want to have set up on their space. People can decide exactly how they want everything to be set up and how much money they will spend to have everything be purchased and put together.

Many Benefits of Outdoor Kitchens:

There are many reasons for creating a space outside their home that can be used for cooking. Those who enjoy entertaining others at their home will find that an outdoor cooking space is especially beneficial to them and something that they will use all of the time.

Scapes Landscaping OKC has a rich history of bringing high quality landscaping design to the OKC area. We’re known for serving Oklahoma City landscaping clients with the best rated residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services! Be sure to check out our before and after landscaping gallery. Contact us today at 405-376-0505 and request a quote.

Landscape Design Vs. Landscape Architecture

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Landscape Design Vs. Landscape Architecture

Landscaping is engaging in activities that change or enhance the natural features of a yard or garden. It involves gardening where plants are grown in a planned manner to present them aesthetically. It also entails designing, which uses naturally occurring elements such as land or natural water bodies and artificial additions such as a patio. The other element is including artificial elements such as lighting, building waterfalls, and other structures that enhance the beauty of a site. find out the difference between Landscape Design Vs. Landscape Architecture here.

Features Of Landscaping

Landscape work is concerned with three aspects which are softscape, hardscape, and waterscape. Softscape deals with plants, grass, and natural materials of the project that make the area aesthetically pleasing.

On the other hand, hardscape is building structures like walls, pools, patios, and other structures that may be needed and enhance the beauty of the environment.
Waterscape includes water features such as waterfalls, pools, and any other artificial water bodies into the environment.

To choose the best option to serve your landscaping needs and decide what will work best for you, there are several things to consider in landscape design vs. landscape architecture.

Differences Between Landscape Design and Landscape Architecture

Both landscape design and landscape architecture work to create a beautiful environment with artificial decorative elements and the geographical and environmental features of the yard.

While many people think that a landscape designer and a landscape architect are the same things, this is not the case.

Landscape design is different from landscape architecture in several ways, but the main ways are in bringing the desired landscape to life.

Landscape Design

Landscape design combines the nature and aesthetic quality of an environment to create a functional garden or yard that is beautifully arranged using greenery and hardscape designs.

It also involves designing how to manage seasonal changes such as when trees shed leaves and maintaining the yard. The landscape design includes knowledge on the best kind of plants for that environment, their care, and how to maintain the lawn.

Landscape design also involves the design and building of hardscape. Landscaping design involves designing, placement, building walls, lighting, patios, designing a living space, fire pits, and many other structures. It is also concerned with the addition of a waterscape into the design of the yard.

The primary duty of a landscape designer is to create an attractive and functional outdoor living space.

Landscape Design Education

To qualify to practice landscape design, a certificate from the Association of Professional Landscape Designers is sufficient.
To be successful in executing landscape design projects, a landscape designer should be knowledgeable in:

  • Horticulture and ecological basics
  • Knowledge of garden plants, trees, shrubs, and perennials
  • Design, concept development, and presentation

Responsibilities In Landscape Design

  • Design plans based on the client’s input and budget.
  • Use of CADD technology to design plans or make 3D models of what the final product will look like
  • Suggest plants to be used and their positioning.
  • Plan for the style of landscape and its aesthetic value.
  • Consider the environment, e.g., the geographical nature of the land- is it hilly or flat; the soil, weather and climatic conditions, and sustainability of the design.
  • Recommend plants based on client preferences.
  • Select greenery based on clients’ needs, such as lawn care and maintenance.
    Select plants, materials, and furnishings to be usedlandscape design vs landscape architecture

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is where structures, plants, and paths are placed in a yard. All these are designed aesthetically while serving the purpose for which they have been designed.

Landscape architecture entails several things, such as analyzing the geographical nature of the yard, then planning and designing the desired structures and aspects to see how they fit in. The next step is building and restructuring the natural environment to bring about the desired result based on the client’s needs.

Landscape Architecture is often used to design public outdoor areas such as public parks, commercial centers, institution campuses, streetscapes, and other similar projects. This kind of project is ordinarily large, and the scope will involve a permanent structure into the natural environment. In addition, landscape architects will often be responsible for creating safe landscapes that are aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Landscape architecture may require collaboration with other team members such as civil engineers, soil scientists, architects, and contractors.

Landscape Architecture Education

A landscape architect must have a degree in landscape architecture from a university and be licensed in the state. The best colleges are those accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

It is necessary to know environmental factors such as irrigation, drainage systems, soil structures, and how to solve environmental issues such as steep slopes.
Knowledge of the best areas to have driveways, parking areas, and walkways is an added advantage for a landscape architect.

Landscape architects educated in historic landscapes and cultural resources can work on preservation planning projects for national, state, and local historic outdoor sites and areas.

Responsibilities In Landscape Architecture

  • Design landscape plans based on client input and budget in consultation with engineers and other building team members.
  • Advise other team members on limitations or reinforcements based on environmental characteristics.
  • Advice on permit requirements, especially as it pertains to hardscape elements.
  • Oversee the building of structures and aesthetic additions such as pools, water features, walkways etc.

landscape design

Landscape Design vs. Landscape Architecture

Although there are overlapping roles and responsibilities between landscape design and landscape architecture, there are differences between the two. The main ones are:

Landscape design licensing and education requirements are different from landscape architecture. For example, landscape architectures need a formal education with the least qualification from a recognized university. In contrast, a landscape designer may be certified but can still do landscape design work even without certification.

Landscape design will often deal with smaller, primarily residential projects, while landscape architect involves larger, mostly public projects.
Landscape design is simple projects, while landscape architecture involves complex projects.

Landscape architects will often consult with other team members, such as engineers, while a landscape designer will work efficiently without consulting other team members.

Scapes Landscaping OKC has a rich history of bringing high quality landscaping design to the OKC area. We’re known for serving Oklahoma City landscaping clients with the best rated residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services! Be sure to check out our before and after landscaping gallery. Contact us today at 405-376-0505 and request a quote.

5 Oklahoma Native Plants That Will Thrive in Oklahoma’s Climate

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Scapes Landscaping Inc. Oklahoma Native Plants

Oklahoma Native Plants For Your Garden

A garden is an excellent addition to your home as it makes it more aesthetically pleasing. Gardens are a great place to relax after a stressful day, and you can also use them to host a small party for your friends. Picking native flowers and plants will ensure that your garden thrives. You can talk to an expert landscaper about the best plants for your garden. Expert landscapers are well trained, experienced, and knowledgeable about Oklahoma native plants.

We, Scapes Inc., are the best Oklahoma City landscaping company. We have experience designing and creating stunning gardens that will make your home a relaxing and beautiful place. The Scapes Inc. team is well trained, knowledgeable, and professional. They will take the time to listen to you and create the garden you need on your property.

Oklahoma Plants That Do Well in Oklahoma’s Climate

Here are Oklahoma native plants that look beautiful and can survive in the Oklahoma climate.

Fragrant Sand Verbena

Fragrant Sand Verbena is a native Oklahoma Plant

Fragrant Sand Verbena is an upright plant that produces fragrant flowers in a funnel shape. It blooms during spring, and the flowers are white but can sometimes be lavender, green, or pink. The flowers open up in the late afternoon, remain open throughout the night, and close in the morning. That means it will give the air in your home a beautiful fragrant smell that is perfect if you enjoy outdoor parties. They are drought tolerant and do well in sandy, well-drained soils. The plant can grow up to between 1 and 3 feet tall and is both disease and pest-resistant. They are excellent for rock gardens, sandy places and do well in native plant gardens.

Red Maples

red maple is a native Oklahoma plant

Red maples are popular because of their beautiful fall colors. They are deciduous and fast-growing, which makes them perfect for gardens. They have a pyramid shape when they are young but become rounded by the time they are mature. The leaves are usually red during the spring and red and yellow in the fall. That is why it is an excellent specimen plant. It does well in partly shady or sunny areas and does well in both medium wet and wet soils. Red maple can grow to between 40 and 70 feet tall and is low maintenance, although it is prone to attacks by aphids, horse chestnut scale, and verticillium wilt.

White Yarrow

white yarrow is a native Oklahoma plant

White Yarrow is a wildflower that produces clusters with between 20 or 25 flowers. They have green foliage and stems with a beautiful, aromatic smell. They bloom in summer and have a lovely effect on your garden. Apart from its elegant appearance, the plant is easy to care for, drought-resistant, and rabbit and deer tolerant. It does well in a sunny place with medium moisture, well-drained soils. You can use them for herbaceous borders, cottage gardens, and rock gardens. It is essential to mention that yarrows are the best way to attract butterflies to your garden. They also self-seed, so it is necessary to keep a close eye on them.

Sugar Maple

sugar maple is a native Oklahoma plant

Just like red maples, sugar maples stand out because of their beautiful fall colors. They have wide and spreading branches that create a rounded crown. They grow to between 40 and 80 feet tall and do well in part shade or full sun situations. Ensure you plant them in moist acidic soils. They will not do well in shallow dry soils and will die in swampy conditions. Sugar maples are low maintenance and will require little to no pruning. They are prone to attacks by aphids, scale insects, and verticillium wilt.

Prairie Onion

prairie onion is a native Oklahoma plant

The prairie Onion has beautiful lavender or rose-pink flowers and has thin grasslike leaves. They do well in moderate shade and sunny areas with well-drained soils. They are drought resistant, and deer stay away from them. They attract butterflies but are pest and disease-resistant. You can use them in cottage gardens, borders, and rock gardens. Consider deadheading them to control self-seeding.

At Scapes Inc., we are an expert landscaping design company with years of experience working with Oklahoma native plants. Our team is knowledgeable and will find the best Oklahoma plants for your beautiful garden. We have the best landscaping design team, which will ensure that you have the garden of your dreams. If you are looking for landscaping services, call us today.

Scapes Landscaping OKC has a rich history of bringing high quality landscaping design to the OKC area. We’re known for serving Oklahoma City landscaping clients with the best rated residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services! Be sure to check out our before and after landscaping gallery. Contact us today at 405-376-0505 and request a quote.

8 Unique Swimming Pool Designs For Your Backyard

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8 Unique Landscaping Designs For Your Swimming Pool

You spend a large number of your summer weekends lounging by your swimming pool with friends or family. It is, therefore, essential to use landscaping that makes the area look beautiful and represents a part of who you are. Walking in your pool area should make you feel transported to an island paradise. Bear in mind a well-landscaped pool area is perfect for formal and informal parties. To achieve this look, you need to hire an experienced company that has well-trained and knowledgeable employees. We have worked on large and small properties to create excellent swimming pool designs for our clients.

At Scapes Inc, we are a top Oklahoma City landscape design company with many years of experience. We have worked on large and small properties to create excellent swimming pool designs for our clients. Our team is passionate about design and takes the time to study the area and pick the right plants to suit you. If you are looking for a pool landscaping company, contact us today.

Here are eight landscape designs for your beautiful pool.

Tropical Landscaping

Natural shade around your pool can help enhance your afternoon poolside experience. Using colorful tropical plants can help add color and draw attention to the swimming pool and the cool water. You can choose to have a few potted palms, some bougainvillea, and other flowers to make the area beautiful.

Pick hardscaping materials carefully to give the area a modern or vintage appeal. Make sure that you choose something that works with your house. When complete, it will provide an island experience to you and your family. Our Scapes Inc team can help you with the design aspects of your pool area to ensure it is perfect for you and your house.

Desert Landscaping

We all like different things, and a desert design is a great way to bring out your love of the dunes of the Arabian deserts. You can choose a variety of cactus and other desert plants for your pool area. Our swimming pool design team will help you pick your cactus and other plants to ensure you get the best. They can also add rocks and other design aspects to give your pool a perfect desert theme.

Oasis In The Desert

Building on the desert theme, you can add a waterfall design to your desert pool to give it an oasis look. The idea is to make it seem like the waterfall is feeding the pool. You can strategically put in green plants and cacti to go with this theme. Our swimming pool design team can build the design to ensure that you can use it both for entertaining in the evening and during the day. They are also experienced and will be able to find the perfect plants for this design.

Pool With a View

If you have a great view from your pool area, the best design should not obstruct it. Consider a manicured lawn lined with flowers and a tree or two. You can also plant your favorite flowers along the edge of your pool to highlight them. Consider placing dimmable lights on the lawn so that you can enjoy the view in the evening, especially if it is the city lights. Ensure that the trees do not obstruct your view of the mountains, the city lights, or the nearby river. It will enhance your experience, whether swimming in the pool or simply relaxing in a chair reading a book.

swimming pool with a view

Lighting Effects 

If you enjoy an evening swim, lighting is essential. You can use light to highlight your landscaping features, such as pool lights to show off your tropical landscaping. Our team has experience doing this and will select the perfect plants for your design and highlight them perfectly to enhance the aesthetic appeal in the evening. They will ensure that in the evening, your pool area is your private island.

swimming pool with lights


Waterfalls are an excellent way to make your pool appear more natural and part of the landscape. There are a variety of ways to add them to your pool design. You can create a fun pool by creating partitionings using natural stones, which produce a river aesthetic. You can also add several waterfalls near the pool. Bear in mind that these designs work best for large swimming pools.

It is essential to put in plants to enhance the natural waterfall look. Our swimming pool design team has created many waterfall designs that our clients love. You can talk to them about what you want to do with your pool, and they will give you excellent advice. They can install the perfect lights to enhance the appearance of your waterfall during the night.

swimming pool with waterfall

Gazebo and Pool

Adding a gazebo to your pool edge is a great way to enhance the elegance of your property. You can line the pool edge with flowers that stretch into green plants giving it a beautiful forest look. Grass on the edges and some hardscaping will make the design appear natural. Our team can also use light to highlight the gazebo and the flowers on the far edge of your pool. They will help you pick the best plants for your area, ensuring they do well.

swimming pool with a cabana

Pond Pools

If you are looking for another way to make your pool look natural, consider a pond aesthetic. That involves using a large number of green plants, grass, and trees. Make sure that you plant them around your pool so that the area looks completely green. That will give your swimming pool the look of a pond in the forest. Our swimming pool design team can add in lights so that it looks enchanted during the night, something your children will love.

Scapes Inc, are the top landscape design company in Oklahoma City. Our company was founded in 1981 and has worked with various homeowners to create pool designs that are beautiful and functional. The team is passionate and dedicated and will ensure that they bring in materials that work perfectly with Oklahoma weather. If you are looking for a pool landscaping company in OKC, call us today.

Scapes Landscaping OKC has a rich history of bringing high-quality landscaping design to the OKC area. We’re known for serving Oklahoma City landscaping clients with the best-rated residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services! Be sure to check out our before and after landscaping gallery. Contact us today at 405-376-0505 and request a quote.

10 Spring Landscape Ideas To Keep Your Yard Fresh

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a photo of a spring landscape

Here are 10 Ideas to Keep the Spring Landscape Beautiful

As the climate gets warmer and new blooms color the yard, it is ideal for spring landscape projects. This article provides ten easy landscaping ideas that are sure to keep yards fresh. These projects will bring new life into the home, providing a refreshing change that invigorates the environment.

Keeping the yard fresh in the springtime sets it up for the rest of the year to ensure it is kept beautiful during the summer and fall seasons.

Add a Flowering Vine

The first step to adding a flowering vine is to consider the species, how fast it grows, and how much maintenance it requires. For instance, trumpet vines are rapid growers but require careful attention. Jasmine is a vine that stays green all year long, giving the yard a pop of color in the winter months.

Flowering vines are a great way to add color to the yard and make it more interesting. They are great for covering up walls or gates and create a different dimension in the yard.

Keeping Trees Tidy

The best time to prune trees is during the late spring, just after they are done blooming. They must be pruned at the right time because pruning them later in the growing season or during winter runs the risk of removing flower buds, which leads to fewer flowers.

Spring clean-up landscaping is an easy way to give the yard a fresh look without a significant time investment. Tidying up the trees will keep them healthy and looking their best.

a picture of spring landscape ideasPlant Statement Shrubs

A rose bush is a great way to add color and natural beauty to a yard. Shrubs are another great way to create a stunning addition. They add texture, variety, and height to yard space. These plants are a great way to fill in those problematic areas where you can cover ugly things. There are many varieties to choose from, and they are a great way to complement the rest of the landscape.

Emphasize Native Plants

Native plants provide a very low-maintenance option that requires minimal watering or wintertime protection. It is an ideal way to fill up a yard and provides benefits to the surrounding eco-system.

If the yard is located in a sunny, dry area, blue agave does very well. Asking the local landscaper for suggestions and researching the local climate online are great ways to start the selection process for the new native plants.

Fill Up Spaces With Potted Greenery

Potted plants bring a lot of life and depth to the yard. They are a great way to fill any gaps in the yard and provide an opportunity to incorporate ornamental touches. It is a great way to add a unique personality with simple plants like a cactus or popping with color like Geraniums.

Both the plant and the planter can be designed to complement the yard. There are many unique ways in which pots can enhance the yard’s style and the home’s unique personality.

Build a Rock Wall

Adding a rocky feature to the yard such as steps, a wall, or a border is a great way to incorporate various elements. It can serve as a retaining wall or be solely decorative. With some careful planning, this project can provide eye-catching results.

Springtime is the perfect time to tackle a project of this sort as the weather will cooperate. There are many types of stones to choose from, and there are artistic patterns that can create a special place in the yard.

Add New Mulch

To add an accent of color and texture to the yard, selecting a colorful mulch is an easy way to accomplish that. Depending on the rest of the yard’s style, different colors such as gold, red, cedar, or black will give the yard a polished look.

Adding mulch not only gives the yard a finished look but is also beneficial for the plants and soil.

a photo of spring landscapingPlant Trees

One way to enhance the yard is to plant a tree or two. It is extremely beneficial for the environment creating more oxygen around the yard. They will last for decades and may even give fruit.

One type of tree suitable for a variety of climates is the Japanese Maple. They give a beautiful colorful bloom that will liven the yard.

Edge the Lawn

An easy way to give the yard a fresh look is by delineating the space where the lawn ends, and the landscaping begins. It prevents the grass from overpowering other areas and provides the beds some space, making the whole yard seem more spacious.

Edging the lawn gives the yard lots of curb appeal and a manicured look. It is a great way to add value to the landscape without spending lots of money.

Create a Focal Point

Adding a personalized touch to the yard is a great way to bring more life into it and a fresh look. Creating a focal point is a project that can bring the family together; it is an opportunity to create an artistic piece that symbolizes the family’s passions and interests.

It is fun to bring non-gardening elements together and fill them up with plants. One idea is to refurbish an old wagon or toy truck to serve as a fun planter for colorful flowers.

Get Started!

Even if just one or two of these ideas are implemented, it is enough to give the yard a renovated feel. Consulting with the best local landscaping service in the area is an excellent start to spring landscape ideas. Landscaping professionals bring helpful strategies that can save time and money on any project. Call today for a consultation!

Scapes Landscaping OKC has a rich history of bringing high quality landscaping design to the OKC area. We’re known for serving Oklahoma City landscaping clients with the best rated residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services! Be sure to check out our before and after landscaping gallery. Contact us today at 405-376-0505 and request a quote.

5 Ways Landscaping Can Increase Your Property Value

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an image of landscaping increasing property value

Increase Your Property Value

Purchasing a home is both an emotional and financial decision. One of the topics sure to come up with a realtor is how to increase property value. That’s why it is no surprise that professional realtors often recommend landscaping improvements to pump up the property value of a seller’s home while shortening the time it takes to sell. HomeLight reports that 75% of premier real estate agents advise their sellers about how landscaping is a proven strategy for increasing a home’s value from one to ten percent, conservatively. A homeowner can expect a home value increase of 5.5 percent to 12.7 percent depending on the design and quality of the landscape.

It’s important to remember that not all landscaping services are created equal. While some landscapers offer little more than unsophisticated services like mowing the grass and trimming the hedges, there are many experienced landscapers with excellent landscape design credentials capable of bolstering your home’s value. It’s always a good idea to inquire about prior jobs to see what the company can do for you.

1. Increases Curb Appeal

Any experienced realtor will advise their clients to focus on improving the curb appeal of their home before putting it on the market. The Wall Street Journal reported study findings from the sales data of 88,980 properties sold, concluding that curb appeal can bolster a home’s value by as much as 7%. It’s common for buyers to drive by a home they are interested in seeing before requesting to go inside.

First impressions are extremely important. Buyers are turned off by overgrown shrubs, high grass, weeds, and boring, lackluster grounds lacking aesthetic appeal. Your home must evoke an emotional response from buyers. While the bankers and appraisers will assess the value of a home based on square footage figures and location for lending purposes, the actual market value of a home is whatever a buyer will pay for that home on any given day.

All too often, prospective buyers will pass on a home based on a lack of curb appeal or, worse, a shabby appearance that indicates the home and yard has been neglected. We all make an immediate decision about a home as soon as we pull up in front of it.

Is the yard cluttered with toys and worn yard furniture that detracts from a positive first impression? Is half of the mulch missing? It is important to remember the adage about only getting one chance to make a good first impression.

an image of landscaping increasing curb appeal2. Creates More Usable Living Space Outside

A popular trend that has caught on like wildfire is extending your living space outdoors. Designing new living and entertainment areas outside without spending a fortune on adding actual square footage to your floorplan makes sense. The good news is that many viable options start at very affordable rates.

A few of the more inexpensive possibilities to consider are adding a wildflower garden, screened porch, fireplace, fire pit, kitchen, water feature, and deck. Granted, it is always a good idea to consider the norms of the neighborhood and price point of the home before moving forward with this type of project. The goal is to spend enough to maintain or surpass the standards of the neighborhood without overspending. Keeping the rate of return on investment (ROI) at the center of decision-making is crucial.

Outdoor spaces with comfortable furniture and beautiful paths and trails landscaped to perfection are always a winner as both affordable and breathtaking possibilities. Imagine the perfect outdoor retreat, then go from there. Having plenty of trees for shade can reduce energy bills up to 25%.

3. Provides a Relatively High Return on Investment (ROI)

One of the main reasons real estate agents focus on landscaping as a major way to get the highest price for a home without breaking the bank is the ROI of many landscaping projects. HomeLight reports that spending as little as $268 in landscaping costs adds a remarkable $1200 in value. If you do the math, that’s an incredible 352% ROI. Adding new mulch is another high ROI project worth considering, adding as much as 126% ROI.

Remember, ROI must dictate the landscaping projects you select. Adding lighting and sprinkler systems is a good investment that will pay off. Unless you live in a geographic area and neighborhood where pools are expected, then it makes little sense to spring for the cost of putting a pool in. Even if you’re in sunny Florida or Southern California, the ROI does not typically justify this type of improvement outlay.

Scapes Inc Landscaping shows how to increase your property value4. Speeds Up the Sales Process

Selling a home is inconvenient but necessary. The faster you sell your home, the better. Plant Care Today reports The Florida Growers and Landscape Associations’ findings that support landscaping improvements as a viable way to shorten the time your home stays on the market unsold. Sellers can expect to push up their sale date by an impressive six weeks.

The findings also indicate that landscaping your patio can increase property value by a healthy 12.4%. Other notable statistics are a 4.4% boost to home value by landscaping the curb and a 3.6% increase to home value for landscaped hedges.

5. Creates Privacy

Strategic landscaping can transform any property into a private oasis with smart plant placement. While many homeowners see the value in living in town or the suburbs for convenience, buyers also appreciate some privacy. The days of blocking natural sunlight with heavy drapes to maintain your Privacy are over. There is no reason to forego the joys of natural light pouring into your home if your windows are strategically hidden behind well-placed barrier bushes.

Landscaping offers a practical way to create private gardens and comfortable entertainment spaces where you can escape for a while or host a party. An experienced landscape company can recommend the perfect solutions to boost your home’s value for an affordable price.

Scapes Landscaping OKC has a rich history of bringing high quality landscaping design to the OKC area. We’re known for serving Oklahoma City landscaping clients with the best rated residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services! Be sure to check out our before and after landscaping gallery. Contact us today at 405-376-0505 and request a quote.

Is a Concrete Driveway Right For You?

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An image of a residential concrete driveway design.

The Concrete Driveway

Whether you’re designing a home from scratch on raw land, updating your home’s look, or redesigning new landscaping for your older home, the question of what to do about your driveway will come into play. There are numerous options when it comes to driveway material and design. From gravel to asphalt, stone to pavers, concrete, and a combination of any of these. In this article, we’ll be focusing specifically on concrete as an option for your driveway.

A photo of a concrete driveway.

How Thick Should A Concrete Driveway Be?

The thickness of a concrete driveway depends highly on traveling over it and regularly parking on it. A driveway that will be handling typical traffic (like passenger vehicles and the occasional delivery truck or van) can generally be a standard 4-inch depth without fear of causing cracks or splits in the pad. Driveways that handle constant heavier loads need a thicker base poured. These driveways consist of farms or ranches that endure tractors’ weight, construction machinery (e.g., bulldozers), livestock trailers, semi-trucks, or other heavy-duty equipment. Pouring a 5-inch thickness can increase the concrete’s strength by up to 50%.
Preventing cracking isn’t only about the thickness of the concrete but also the type of soil underneath the driveway. Whether or not the concrete is reinforced; how many and at what interval joints will be installed into the pad to allow for natural movement; and other factors. Your contractor will be able to calculate what and how these various features can be installed or integrated into your new driveway for best use and most extended lifespan.

If and when concrete driveways become damaged, they can be challenging to repair. Unlike other materials that can be easily patched or replaced, concrete needs to be removed and entirely repoured. Patching is possible, but strength and appearance are greatly affected.

Designing Your Concrete Driveway

Part of the fun of designing a driveway in concrete is that you can make it almost any shape or style you’d like. The building material has strayed from its ancestry’s austere gray and become an all-around choice for even flashy concrete driveway designs. From square to curves to stamped and stained, concrete can take on the look of almost any other material.

Factors to consider when designing your driveway are:

Expected Use

Much depends not only on what vehicles will regularly use your driveway (e.g., cars, heavy equipment) and how you want them to flow across your property.

A unidirectional or straight driveway is the least costly of concrete driveway designs. These include the typical rectangular drives you see in many a suburb. Straight driveways are the best choice for homes located close to the front property line, as there is little space for anything other than functionality. But that doesn’t mean your driveway has to be boring! You can add oomph to your property’s entry with stamped concrete, additional landscaping (like bushes, trees, or other landscaping), or building the driveway in whole or part with decorative pavestone. Pavestone or pavers are individual concrete or natural stone blocks that can be arranged in a design. They also withstand more weight than poured concrete.

Circular, horseshoe, or U-shaped driveways are pricier to install, but they also increase mobility, allowing drivers to move across your property quickly. The size and shape of your land and the location and orientation of your home will dictate if these driveways are possible. The minimum outside diameter of a circular or U-shaped drive should be about 75 feet, with a 15-foot-wide lane. Take that measurement along with a few others and building code restrictions on how close your driveway can be to property lines, and you’ll be able to know if a non-square driveway will not only work for you but be legal to install.

A photo of residential concrete driveway.

Position Of Your Home & Lay Of The Land

Yes, curving driveways are more expensive to install, but sometimes they are unavoidable due to hilly property, existing features, or the home’s orientation on the land. Hilly property generally necessitates one or more curves to accommodate vehicles as they maneuver toward your home. If your property has existing features you want to keep (or cannot remove), such as boulders or trees, your driveway needs to bend around them. Lastly, if your house’s garage or entry does not line up directly with the road, you’ll need to install a curve in the driveway to allow for parking and access.

Curving drives need to allow even large vehicles to maneuver, so turns can’t be too tight or too many. Because concrete can be poured to any shape, installing a curved concrete entry isn’t an issue for your landscaping contractor.

Personal Taste, Home Architecture & Budget

Lastly, your taste and home’s architecture will help formulate a fitting style for your new or refashioned driveway. If you want your home and landscaping to be the focal point, create a simple driveway that won’t compete for attention. If your home is simple and you’d prefer onlookers admire your property’s entry more than the house itself, consider a more opulent driveway that is beautiful, lined with flora, and maybe even fun to drive on.

While concrete is cheaper to install than other driveway material, don’t rule out decoration. You can opt to stamp concrete with a paver-like design and even stain and polish it. Stamped concrete is also known as Imprinted concrete.

It’s best to consult with a landscaping and concrete specialist to discuss your ideas and develop the perfect design and plan for your new or updated driveway.

Scapes Landscaping OKC has a rich history of bringing high quality landscaping design to the OKC area. We’re known for serving Oklahoma City landscaping clients with the best rated residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services! Be sure to check out our before and after landscaping gallery. Contact us today at 405-376-0505 and request a quote.