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OKC Landscape Design is an artful profession that provides the landscape planning and custom design of residential communities, private estate gardens, parks, college campuses, commercial centers, resorts, corporate centers, and waterfront developments to name a few. We utilize the design process of relating the structure of a project to the landscape.

Landscape Architect OKC

Jim Guffey is Scapes, Inc. Landscape Architect on staff with more than 40 years of experience in landscape architecture, landscape design, landscape installation, landscape construction, and horticulture. Guffey is familiar with the OKC area climates and experienced in providing the best design with the best products to withstand Oklahoma weather.

Scapes, Inc. specializes in the custom design and installation of your landscape project to meet your needs for your OKC area property. Whether you’re revamping an existing yard, or preparing landscape design for new residential construction or commercial construction, we can help you with your landscape plan and installation.

A photo of a landscape design blueprint.

Full Service OKC Landscape Design Process

As mentioned above, Scapes, Inc. will begin your custom landscape design  by gathering important Information to help reach your desired design. This information includes client’s goals, needs, wants, and wishes, maintenance style, and budget.​

An OKC landscape designer will perform an onsite analysis of your property to observe the project area, property boundaries, existing structures, views, climate, soil, existing plants, adjacent structures and use patterns.

Scapes, Inc. design experts then begin the Planning and Design which consists of three phases: Preliminary, Conceptual & Final Plan.

  • Preliminary Plans – create rough sketches showing different ways to develop the site. Scapes, Inc. will discuss the different preliminary plans with you to help you choose the features that best meet your goals.
  • Develop Conceptual Plan – Together, we will combine the best features of the preliminary landscape plan to develop the best conceptual landscape design plan.
  • Final Plan – the final landscape design plan is developed with the collaboration of the client and Scapes, Inc. and incorporates the client’s needs and the best design for your Oklahoma property.

Landscape Design OKC

The landscape design begins with gathering information. Our landscaping experts will iron out all details with you.

What is your envisioned use of the space?

Entertaining, Cooking and Dining, Swimming, Playing, Relaxing, Gardening

Does your design feature any hardscape?

Pools, Water Features, Cabanas, Pergolas, Spa, Fireplace, Firepits, Driveways, Sidewalks, Decks, Secret Gardens, Sheds, Shops, Patios, Outdoor Kitchens, Boulders, Rocks, Retaining Walls, etc…

Who will be using the space?

Adults, children, pets, etc

What are noticeable property observations?

Sunny areas / Shady Areas, Views within the Property and Adjacent Views, Wind Direction and Quantity, Water Flow, Drainage, Power Lines, Septic Tanks, Utilities

What type of soil does your OKC property have?

Sand, Clay, Rock, Silt, or combination

What hydrozones, topography, and drainage does your property currently have? 

How does the water behave in the property, does it collect in areas, drain fast or slow, or flow through certain areas. Is Drainage needed?

Any microclimates on your property that should be considered in your custom landscape design?

Are there areas where the climate is a little bit different such as under large trees or wooded areas, small niche areas around buildings, hot spots near South or West Walls and large concrete areas, etc.

What is your landscape style preference?

Natural, Freeform, Formal, Balanced, Contemporary, etc… Mediterranean, Tudor, English Garden, French, Southwest, Japanese, etc.

What plant material does the Owner like & dislike?