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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas

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Scapes Inc Landscape shows Outdoor landscape lighting

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Landscape lighting doesn’t simply make a property look good and increase a home’s curb appeal. Lighting is needed so members of the household and their guests can see their way to and from the house at night. Lighting discourages trespassers and allows the family members and their friends to enjoy the garden, the lawns, the deck, the porch, or the patio at all hours. But even lighting that is just there for safety and security can be designed in a way that makes the property breathtakingly beautiful. Here are some outdoor landscape lighting ideas:

Scapes Inc Landscape shows a photo of landscape lighting.

First Step

Outdoor landscape lighting experts suggest different ways of arranging outdoor lighting depending on if it’s being done mostly for security or nocturnal outdoor entertaining. If lighting is to be set up for safety and security, the homeowner should pretend that they’re a visitor to their property who has never been there before. They should consider any areas that are slip and fall hazards and areas where the material of the ground abruptly changes, as it would if a person went from a grass lawn to a stone pavement.

All potentially hazardous places need to be lit without glare, as glare is itself is a hazard. Ideally, there should be a light or lantern on either side of the front door, and it should be strong enough to illuminate both the front steps and the house number.

Back and side doors can do with one light, though they should be bright enough to illuminate the surrounding area, including steps. If the homeowner is concerned with trespassers, they should consider floodlights that are activated by motion. Driveways should also be well lit.

Pathways and steps need to be lit well enough for people to navigate them easily. Path lights often have shades to ensure that the light is focused on the walkway though others can be adjusted to aim the light into shrubbery or trees. There should also be a light over the garage door.

If the landscape night lighting is meant to facilitate outdoor entertainment and relaxation, experts recommend that the area be lit much like the house is from the inside. There should be general diffuse lighting of the area, more concentrated lighting for activities such as games or dining, and accent lighting for aspects of the landscape the owner wishes to highlight, such as a fountain. They recommend that there should be 3 to 5 watts per square foot of space.

Installing Outdoor Landscape Lights

A homeowner should call on a landscaper to install lights for complex landscape lighting ideas or lighting inside of a pool, a fountain, or other body of water. However, a homeowner with some basic skills can do some simpler things with low voltage lights and transformers/timers.

Lighting fixtures include those that are shaped like boxes, cylinders, or bullets. Other fixtures give off a diffuse light that illuminates a broader area. Other fixtures can be installed in the ground and are also called well lights. They are used to cast light up into trees or shrubbery.

Accent or spotlights are used for a variety of lighting techniques, including uplighting and downlighting.

Wall brackets shed light not only on a wall but on an adjacent path or steps that lead to another area of the property.

Bollard or post lights are also excellent for lighting steps and walkways.

Lighting Techniques

There are different gradations of the three types of lighting. Using them artfully can turn an otherwise ordinary backyard into a scene worthy of a high-end theater production, and it does not need to cost a great deal of money. Some lighting landscape lighting ideas include:


Another outdoor landscape lighting idea is to light the background behind an object such as a tree but to leave the object itself unlit. Another way to silhouette is to beam a light on the object from a light source found in the foreground.

An image of an outdoor lighting project at Scapes Inc.Grazing

In this technique, an object’s textures, such as a tree’s bark or a wall with an interesting masonry pattern, are brought out by a light source parallel with the surface. Wall lights are excellent for this technique of grazing.


Modeling is when the object is struck by light from at least two different directions, which gives it solidity. This is also called cross-lighting. The trick here is not to place the light source too close to the object.


To highlight an item, target it with a strong downlight.


Shadows can be created with a powerful spotlight aimed at the object, much like sunlight.


The moonlight effect on an area can be replicated by a soft, bluish light installed very high above the target area. This type of lighting also casts shadows, though they are soft and complex.

Underwater Lighting

Lights in a swimming pool or fountain can be spectacularly beautiful and add another level of pleasure to swimming or thoroughly enjoying a body of water in a landscape.

Scapes Landscaping OKC has a rich history of bringing high quality landscaping design to the OKC area. We’re known for serving Oklahoma City landscaping clients with the best rated residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services! Be sure to check out our before and after landscaping gallery. Contact us today at 405-376-0505 and request a quote.

What Is a Pergola, and What Is Its Purpose? 

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Scapes Inc Landscaping shows you an OKC pergola.

What is a Pergola, and What Is Its Purpose?

When looking for ways to improve your property, there are many choices available for you to consider. Outdoors, you can add a deck, patio, or pergola to your home and yard. Each has its list of advantages, with the latter being one of the best options for you to select. A pergola helps increase your property’s value and make it more appealing to potential buyers if you decide to sell your home.

What is a Pergola?

To know the value of a pergola, you must first know what sets it apart. To help you identify the structure’s key features, we’ve created a short guide for you to refer to now. You can reference it whenever you have questions about pergolas, as well as the way that they’re built and used. What you need to know about a pergola is listed below. That way, you won’t have any doubt about what a pergola is. You’ll be well aware of what makes it different from other outdoor structures you may find on a property.

Scapes Inc Landscape shows What is the purpose of a pergola

A Pergola Is Wide Open.

The openness of a pergola is part of its appeal. It allows air to flow through the structure freely. It’s also well-lit because it’s not enclosed the way that a gazebo or screened-in porch is today. When you sit in a pergola, you remember the beautiful outdoor world around you.

Again, an open format leaves a lot to the imagination. With no walls, you’re able to take advantage of the structure year-round. You feel a greater sense of freedom because there is less restriction on airflow and sunlight. You can hear things around you, too, which lets you pay close attention to your children and pets as they play outdoors.

The Pergola has Different Types of Roof Details.

A lattice roof is one of the most common features you’ll find on a pergola. Still, there are other types of roofs to choose from to date. The materials that make up the roof are part of the overall design as the type of wood used for the support beams. Choose carefully so that it matches your home’s style and other buildings, such as the garage or shed.

There are Several Types of Pergolas to Choose From Currently.

Some of the most common types of pergolas to choose from include vinyl, open-top, steel, sail, gable, or pitch. Each adds a level of class and function to the outdoor structure. From an aesthetic standpoint, you want to choose a roof that looks similar to the home style that you currently own. That way, the pergola does not stand out for the wrong reasons.

Now that you know what makes a pergola different than a gazebo or a pavilion, you’re able to explore what you can use the structure for regularly. There are many different options for you to choose from, each providing added value to your home and lifestyle. Having a dedicated outdoor space for entertaining is highly ideal.

What Do You Use a Pergola For?

What is the purpose of a pergola? We’re delighted you asked. The structure has many uses, all determined by your needs and preferences.
Some of the more common uses include:

Increasing The Value of Your Home.

A pergola can significantly improve the appeal of a property. It could potentially add value to your home and make it more enticing to buyers. If you were to sell your house with a pergola, you could make significantly more money than you would when you didn’t have the structure present on your lawn.

Providing a Shady Place to Spend Time Outdoors.

 If you like to entertain family and friends, you’ll have a place outside to do so. It’s out of the sun so that you can spend more time outdoors during the hottest days of the year. A pergola gives you a space to sit, read, cookout, and visit with the people you enjoy spending time with most.

To Extend Your Home From The Inside Out.

Your outdoor space can be an extension of the inside of your house. It’s a great way to express yourself and your personality. If you want to include a pergola that matches your home’s interior and exterior, think of it as an investment.

Scapes Inc Landscape shows what is a pergola

To Give Your Garden Area an Extra Touch.

 If you love to spend time outdoors and need to have another excuse, a pergola will be it. After a long day of gardening, you can step back and cool down with a refreshing drink inside the structure. You’ll be out of the heat and in the shade where you can truly relax. What is the purpose of a pergola? A pergola can significantly enhance the appearance of your property. It gives you an outdoor space to meet with family and friends to enjoy Mother Nature. If you haven’t yet thought about adding a pergola to your yard, now is the time to do so. You’ve got many options to choose from, with each bringing added value to your property.

Consider the purpose of a pergola when selecting it. What will you be using it for most? It’s a fast and easy way to add additional seating for large gatherings, give you a place to rest after a day of gardening or yard work, and add value to your home so that you’re able to sell it for more than you bought it for initially. A pergola is an investment in you, your family, and your future.

Scapes Landscaping OKC has a rich history of bringing high quality landscaping design to the OKC area. We’re known for serving Oklahoma City landscaping clients with the best rated residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services! Be sure to check out our before and after landscaping gallery. Contact us today at 405-376-0505 and request a quote.


Oklahoma Landscaping Ideas To Make Your Yard Standout

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Scapes Inc Landscaping shows an example of front yard landscape design

Oklahoma Landscaping Ideas

Every front yard benefits tremendously from landscaping, especially when you include a blend of trees, flowers, and shrubs. It makes a house look appealing to the eye due to the evergreen scenery all year round. A perfect front yard requires commitment and creativity from both the owner and the landscape expert. Front yard landscaping services offer unique landscaping perks that leave your yard looking remarkable. Read on to find out more about Oklahoma landscaping ideas that transform a yard into appealing scenery.

Front Yard Window Landscaping

Planting flowers is a fantastic front yard landscaping idea that can turn a front yard into an exciting haven. They add beauty to a home, and when done uniquely, they are a signature to real estate perfection. Flowers add value to a home, making it fetch more money on the market. However, planting flowers requires creativeness and attention to detail. For a front yard landscape, a landscaping professional will plant flowers on window boxes and house borders. They use high-quality perennial flowers of different attractive colors, shapes, and sizes to transform the landscape into an attraction. The most common flowers they use include petunias and hydrangeas. With the right care, these flowers last all-year-long adding value and charm to a home’s entryway.

a photo of different flowers in the front yardMulti-Season Flowers on the Front Yard Flowerbed

Landscaping professionals’ can also support you plant multi-season flowers on your front yard flowerbed. Multi-season flowers bloom at different times of the year, and if they are timed correctly, the flowerbed will always be blooming. All through the year, the flowerbed will always be beautiful and appealing due to the majestic color blend. Besides, planting these multi-season flowers on the window boxes and house borders can also increase a home’s beauty.
Climbing Wall Plants

Don’t exactly love that front yard exterior wall? Plant some climbing wall plants around the front yard wall borders for a change. Climbing plants are a great alternative to border flowers. Not only do they add a little green to the front yard, but these climbing plants make your home look more attractive. Climbing wall plants can be of different colors, and it is best if they are perennial to avoid drying and dying out when the weather gets harsh. It is important to water and maintain them effectively to remain fresh, green, and healthy. The landscaping expert can use flowering climbing plants or mix them with perennial flowers to make the front yard more colorful. It is also vital to trim and shape them to ensure they maintain a perfect shape and size to avoid overgrowing or overcrowding.

Circular Flower Bed with a Shrub or Tree in the Middle

A tree or shrub in the middle of a front yard can be stressful, especially with the leaf droppings that demand constant collecting. However, designing flower beds around the tree’s shade can solve this problem while adding beauty to the front yard. Most flowers require sunlight to thrive, but it is important to choose the flowers carefully due to the adverse effects of shade.
Take advantage of flower varieties that can thrive in such conditions, such as begonias, pansies, and sweet alyssum. Before planting the flowers, the landscaping expert prepares the flowerbed and demarcates the borders in a circular form using small rocks. He/she then plants the flowers in an orderly fashion and finally waters them. As such, the mature flowers look beautiful and evergreen. Leaf droppings serve as an excellent source of manure to support plant growth while also eliminating the need to collect the leaves.

a photo of a staircase in the front yard with various flowers

Cinder Block Planting Bed

For a more modern yard, a landscaping expert can use cinder block planting beds. They are a classy and attractive way to transform a front yard into palatial-like scenery. Cinder blocks are best for planting succulent plants, especially ones that don’t grow extra tall. A landscaping expert can use them on the house’s borders or pitch them on the spot that they deem fit. They are best for ferns and low evergreen shrubs that don’t grow excessively. They can also be best for hanging weeds or shrubs. For a more chic landscaping look, trim all overgrown shrubs.

Driveway Flowerbed with Lights

Modern Oklahoma landscaping requires prioritizing both beauty and security. Bringing these two critical requirements together can develop a fantastic landscape that covers both needs with a driveway flowerbed with lights. Driveways are narrow and often lengthy, so some low and well-trimmed flowers and shrubs are ideal for this type of front yard landscaping design. Then, the lights are installed in an orderly fashion, each equidistant from the other. These lights can be of any color and brightness, depending on the owner’s taste and style.

Water Fountain with a Flowerbed Border

A water fountain is an elegant and classy landscaping design that adds style and flavor to a home. By adding a flower bed border to the water fountain, the front yard becomes even more appealing. One can choose several water fountain styles from a Mediterranean fountain, a Water-Wise Western, Japanese fountains, wall fountains, and cascading fountains. The fountain is then set in the middle of the front yard, especially on a long footway with a circular flowerbed. The landscaping expert can then plant perennial flowers along the fountain’s border. The flowers should be well kept to prevent them from growing into the fountain. A raised fountain such as a Mediterranean fountain is best to help curb flower overgrowth into the fountain for better results.

Scapes Landscaping OKC has a rich history of bringing high quality landscaping design to the OKC area. We’re known for serving Oklahoma City landscaping clients with the best rated residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services! Be sure to check out our before and after landscaping gallery. Contact us today at 405-376-0505 and request a quote.

Outdoor Living Spaces

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Scapes Inc Landscape shows outdoor living spaces

Outdoor Living Trends

We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home. It’s time to customize the space. You can keep your home cooler with these outdoor living spaces by adding an outdoor kitchen and by adding storage with a cabana by the pool.

Keep the Heat Out of the HouseScapes Landscaping OKC shows you outdoor living trends

Rather than broiling indoors with that steak, consider an outdoor kitchen. Your back patio could become an extension of your kitchen, make dining outdoors more fun and enjoyable, and give your inner grill master a thrill.

The layout is key when putting together your outdoor kitchen design, especially as you probably have other features you’re either planning to add or already working around. Is there a pool, and where is the home access point from the pool? Your outdoor kitchen may also serve as a walkway, so take care to create plenty of pass-through space, so diners aren’t disturbed, swimmers aren’t passing too close to the grill, and the household chef is not disturbed.

Of course, you’ll need a table to dine at and some seriously comfortable chairs. Consider adding a bar-height table near the kitchen for easy cleanup access, and move to lower, cushier seating while the grills cool.

Get in the Water

Your pool will be a dedicated gathering space as the weather heats up, and if you add a hot tub to the design, you can use it year-round! While you’re deciding the best pool layout, don’t forget to make a cabana space.

Your cabana space doesn’t just have to be for storage. You can turn this versatile space into a conversation pit, a bar and entertainment space, or a guest house. When putting together your design, make sure to include lighting features that will make it easy to secure this space. You might consider adding a wall-mounted outdoor water fountain, paired with a solar light feature, to add beauty and color to your cabana all night long.

If your cabana has an open-air spot to gather near the pool, consider adding a screened exterior to keep pests from your pool party. Additionally, make sure you create a secured space where all pool chemicals can be stored safely away from little visitors.

Permanent Shade with a Pergola

Pergolas are one of the nicest outdoor living spaces. Adding a pergola to your home gives it a stately feature that will provide shade on the hottest days as your loved ones pass from the house to the yard, the gardens, or the pool.

They can be constructed as a free-standing structure beside the house or tied to the house. Additionally, they offer the option of having a simple pillar base or incorporating a wall to create an outdoor room. Best of all, any exterior door on your house can become a spot for a pergola, so the passage off the living room can be a walkway, while the pergola outside the master bedroom will be your private outdoor dining spot.

When designing your pergola layout and consider the addition of walls, focus on furniture. A pergola with a quiet corner where you can sit in a hammock chair or nap with a loved one in a mesh hammock? Heavenly.

Add a WaterfallScapes Landscaping OKC shows outdoor living spaces

While creating your pool oasis for family and friends, don’t forget to add a spot for local animals. If you’ve got taller trees in the area around your back yard, find a spot for a cardinal bird feeder, and you may get these charming birds to nest near your home.

Of course, they’ll need water, and moving water is less likely to freeze. Incorporating a flowing water feature in your backyard offers local wildlife the chance to stop, drink, and grab a snack. If deer are a possibility, make sure you plant something they don’t like to keep them from dining on your landscaping. Daffodil, lavender, and echinacea are lovely for the eye and will repel deer.

If you’re considering a vegetable and herb garden, consider adding sidewalks and paths for easy access. Raised beds of stone or wood will make weeding and containment easier and make your garden’s beauty easier to enjoy. Finally, raised beds give you a spot to mount lighting that will complete your oasis.

For those who want an outdoor kitchen, consider putting in a sink near the vegetable garden. Having a spot where you can stop, rinse off your produce, and wash your hands will reduce the dirt that comes back in the house with you. Additionally, you can go straight from the garden to a cocktail with a few mint leaves.

No matter where you live, you can add outdoor living spaces to your yard to make your home that much more enjoyable. Do your best to design flow into your backyard, from the pergola to outdoor kitchen, from pool to cabana, and from the garden to the waterfall; you can construct a yard that will make staying home a joy, no matter the season.

Scapes Landscaping OKC has a rich history of bringing high quality landscaping design to the OKC area. We’re known for serving Oklahoma City landscaping clients with the best rated residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services! Be sure to check out our before and after landscaping gallery. Contact us today at 405-376-0505 and request a quote.

Pool Landscaping Tips

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Scapes Inc Landscape shows you pool landscaping ideas

Essential Pool Landscaping Tips You Should Consider

Getting direct advice from a professional pool landscape group from the beginning will guarantee you consider significant measures when developing the backyard oasis you had always wanted. A beautiful and functional pool landscaping environment is a joy to view. When the area surrounding the pool looks well organized, it adds pleasure and worth to your home. A blend of elements will change the pool region from a common swimming space to an open-air living space where everyone can have fun.
Experts in pool landscaping can perfect your pool landscape, providing you with a space to appreciate throughout the summer. Below are essential pool landscaping tips you should consider.

Consider Planting Plants and Trees

Pool Landscaping ought to upgrade its surroundings and usually sets the mood of an island or desert spring. Plants create liveliness and enthusiasm with color, height, and development.

Survey your current yard, and remember any precious plants and trees for your future arrangement. Later include new plants appropriate for the area, don’t shed, and versatile for pool landscaping. You can consider planting:Scapes Inc Landscape Design provides an example of pool landscaping

• Palm trees

Palm trees are often ideal among poolside trees, given that they assist in developing that tropical environment. These gigantic wonders give abundant shade to the pool environment and drop little leaves, meaning you’ll invest less energy to remove dirt from the pool.

• Ornamental Grasses

Such plants are easy to maintain and consume a small amount of water. A couple of varieties, such as Zebra grass, provide a remarkable contrast to blue pool water since they come in variegated colors.

• Bug Repellants

Pools naturally attract mosquitoes. It would be best if you countered these little nuisances by cultivating mosquito repelling plants. Basil and geraniums are incredible, and one can use them as pruned plants to make the time outside more pleasant.

Choose Proper Pool Landscape Lighting

Lights implanted in the stairs and walkways can make backyards more functional and excellent. Beyond style, lighting these zones is a critical security precautionary measure to keep people from stumbling and falling.

Accent lights might be put in or close to trees and near water highlights such as fountains and cascades to point out these zones and enhance the space’s magnificence.

Landscape lights should not all appear to be identical. Landscaping specialists recommend that it is perfect to have variations in color and beam spread for every zone you need to feature.

Review all the diverse lighting plan possibilities available. If there are mature trees or raised soffits, assess the utilization of down lighting to make a retreat feel.

Considering how the lighting surrounds the pool area is substantially similar to lighting the pool zone alone. Regardless of the time the sun sets, the outdoor living space should be an area one can have a good time.

Improve Your Privacy

When carrying out pool landscaping, you are highly likely to think about ways to improve privacy. You would prefer not to feel like all the neighbors observe you and your family when you get out wearing bathing suits.

Trees and bushes play a crucial role in enhancing privacy around the pool if you settle on the right choices. Observe the places that are generally exposed and select landscaping features that will boost privacy. Even though you may think that only height matters when selecting the right tree and bush for privacy, placement is more significant.

A landscape designer needs to provide a strategic plan of the places to put the trees and bushes. An ideal location is where it will block people’s eyes.

Design the Space

You may imagine that having a little yard open and loosely arranged would make it look more significant; however, the contrary is true. Organizing is critical in making your outdoor space look more spacious.Scapes Inc Landscape shows how plants can help pool landscaping

Outline a dining or relaxing zone using a stone patio, or divide the play zone from the dining place with plantings. Out of nowhere, it would appear that there’s a great deal of space.

Once your yard is ready, it is ideal for decorating. Whether you pick to purchase new or used outdoor furnishings, choose striking colors to complement your space’s liveliness.

Store Other Things in the Garage

Do not put lumbering sheds or storage bins around the pool surroundings. Keep mess under control by reserving yard tools and children’s toys within the garage. In this manner, your property will appear more excellent and more streamlined.

Avoid Trees and Plants With Aggressive Roots

Trees that have aggressive root structures are most likely to cause more damage. Such trees will grow its roots beneath the yard and begin to lift it. Furthermore, aggressive roots will cause a lot of complications when they develop towards the pool plumbing system.

Minimize Debris

Various trees create a large amount of plant garbage. Such garbage may end in the pool, making you perform more pool cleaning activities. Likewise, observe the plants within your yard. Do they release more plant debris? If they do, consider eliminating and replacing them with those that do not release much trash.

Reduce Yard Work

Once you minimize debris, you additionally reduce yard work. Reducing yard work provides you more opportunities to make the most of the yard and less time cleaning it. There are different approaches ways to lessen your yard work while having a beautiful landscape plan.

Consider including features that require little maintenance, such as stones and gravel. Such features can include a great deal of textural magnificence without the need for regular maintenance.

Assign activities such as pruning to experts who will guarantee they perform well. Doing so will ensure your plants maintain their ideal shapes that everyone will appreciate when swimming.

Bottom Line

Although the right pool landscaping plan can enhance the beauty of the surroundings, impulsive choices can negatively impact the environment. Rather than making the most of your pool retreat, you may be investing additional energy tidying up the messy trees and bushes you selected. Swimming pools are a point of convergence in a yard, do research, and take inspiration from well-designed pool landscapes to create an attractive landscaping design.

Scapes Landscaping OKC has a rich history of bringing high quality landscaping design to the OKC area. We’re known for serving Oklahoma City landscaping clients with the best rated residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services! Be sure to check out our before and after landscaping gallery. Contact us today at 405-376-0505 and request a quote.

What Is Landscape Design?

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Scapes Inc Landscape Design shows what landscape design is.

Understanding Landscape Design

You would like to have a yard that others admire. If you are asking yourself the question of what is landscape design, it is time for you to get answers so that you can start changing your yard.

Breaking the Yard into Sections

If you are wondering what is landscape design, it is essential for you to know that it is the work of breaking up your yard into different sections. A hedge might work well at one side of the yard, while a flower bed might suit the other side of your yard. Those who work in landscape design will break your yard up into a number of sections and figure out what they should do to each section to make it beautiful. They will use plants, trees, water features, and rocks, to help bring beauty to each part of your yard.

Figuring Out Which Plants Will Grow Well in the YardScapes Inc Landscape Design Shows the beauty of landscape design in a yard.

What is landscape design? It is so much more than just making a yard look pretty for a moment. Those who know what landscape design is know that there are certain types of plants that will do well in your yard and certain types that will die shortly after getting planted. Those who know all about landscaping know that some plants do best in the shade and that others need a lot of sunlight if they are going to survive. The one who works on landscaping in your yard needs to know which plants will thrive there.

Deciding on Sizes for the Plants and Trees that Will be Added to a Yard

You want plants of a variety of heights to be part of your yard. You want to have tall trees growing near short flowering bushes. It is important for the one who is working on landscape design to figure out what will add the most dimension to your yard. When someone steps out into your yard, there should be a lot to look at there. The plants growing in your yard should grow to different heights and offer beauty throughout the whole space.

Figuring Out Which Colors Work Together

When you ask what is landscape design, know that it is the work of figuring out which types and colors of plants go together well. The one who handles landscaping work for you should get an idea of the types of colors that you like, and they should find plants in those colors to put in your yard. If you have a certain look that you are going for with your yard, your landscaper should figure out what colors of mulch and stones they should use around the plants in your yard.

Providing Spaces Where a Family Can Relax

The landscaper who comes to work in your yard has to figure out how to make your yard into a space that you can use. You want the yard to look nice, but you also want to feel encouraged to spend time with your family out in that yard. There need to be places in the yard where you can sit down and relax. You might want a fire pit in the yard, or you might want to have a table set up where you will be able to eat. Your landscaper should be able to design a yard that gives your family space where you can relax.

Creating a Main Focal Point in the YardScapes Inc Landscape shows us what landscape design can do to a yard.

If you are curious as to what is landscape design and you want to know what a landscaper does, know that they focus on creating at least one focal point in your yard that will grab the attention of all who enter that yard. A landscape artist makes sure that there is something in your yard that is beautiful and different. They make sure that you have something in your yard that brings you joy, and that makes you feel proud of the whole space.

Setting Up a Space that is Easy to Maintain

A landscaper should give you a yard that you can keep looking beautiful without putting in too much effort. You do not want the yard to be overgrown with weeds shortly after receiving help in getting it to look beautiful. It would be best if you had a yard that can stay beautiful without spending hours working on it. The landscaper that you choose should focus on bringing about change in the yard that will help you have a beautiful space where you can relax, with plants that will come back each year, and that will help you have time to relax.

If you have always been curious about what is landscape design, it is time for you to get answers. You need to know what a landscaper can do for you and how they can upgrade your yard. You need to know about the benefits that you can get from a person who knows how to handle landscape work.

Scapes Landscaping OKC has a rich history of bringing high quality landscaping design to the OKC area. We’re known for serving Oklahoma City landscaping clients with the best rated residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services! Be sure to check out our before and after landscaping gallery. Contact us today at 405-376-0505 and request a quote.

Types Of Retaining Walls: A Complete Guide

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Scapes Inc shows a photo of the types of retaining walls.

What are Retaining Walls?

A retaining wall is a structure that’s used to keep soil on one side from spilling over to the other. They can be easy to miss, but they’re actually very common, and their uses range from industrial to residential. They can keep landslides from blocking mountain roads, or beautify a backyard garden.

Every retaining wall has the same fundamental purpose. Its job is to hold back dirt. There are a few different ways of doing it, but almost all retaining walls will share a few major qualities.

First, almost all retaining walls should have about a tenth of the height of the wall buried underground. That isn’t enough to make for a sturdy wall on its own, but it is an excellent place to start.
Second, retaining walls must have some way of draining off water. Wet soil can be about 133% as heavy as dry soil, and water can weaken certain types of retaining walls. Better to let it get out of the way before it causes any trouble!
Third, retaining walls should never be angled away from the dirt that they’re holding in place. That is to say, the top part of the wall should never be further forward than the bottom. If that happens, gravity is working against the wall. Many retaining walls are angled in the opposite direction instead.

Beyond those similarities, retaining walls can be very different. Here are a few different types of retaining walls, and some information on when to use them.

The Types

First things first, there aren’t so much types of retaining walls as there are strategies that go into building them. One can refer to the types of retaining walls because most of the time, only one of the strategies is focused on, but in situations where a retaining wall needs to be especially strong, two or three different techniques might be used to meet the project’s needs. The following strategies aren’t mutually exclusive, but each will have an advantage in certain situations.

Gravity Retaining Walls

Scapes Inc Landscaping OKC shows a photo of a residential retaining wall.

This technique is most commonly used in gardens and landscaping, where there isn’t very much dirt to hold back, and where aesthetics are important. A gravity retaining wall works by virtue of its weight. It just needs to be heavy enough to keep the soil that it’s retaining from going anywhere. As such, this strategy usually uses heavy materials like stones, bricks, or cinder blocks. Often, these walls won’t be made out of solid pieces of concrete or metal like some others, because building them out of more portable materials is easier for homeowners and gardeners.

The best small, stone-built gravity retaining wall, will have three specific features.

First, it will be placed on a flat, sturdy footing that isn’t going anywhere. This might be a concrete or wooden base, but it could also simply be compacted dirt, pressed together for extra support.
Second, it won’t be built perfectly perpendicular to the ground. Instead, it will be stepped backwards from the base to the top, so that gravity works in its favor and presses the bricks down onto the dirt.
Third, the top of the wall will be at the same height as the top of the dirt that it is keeping in place. If it’s higher than that, then water could collect behind the top of the wall and work its way between the bricks to weaken the wall. If it’s lower than that, then dirt could spill over the top.

Sheet Piling Retaining Walls

Scapes Inc Landscaping OKC shows a photo of a retaining wall next to a pool.

Sheet piling walls are also a common choice for smaller walls. They’re thinner and lighter than gravity retaining walls and made of single sheets of material rather than stacks of bricks. At a residential scale, they are generally cheaper to build than a gravity retaining wall, which can make them the preferred option over gravity retaining walls in some cases. On the other hand, they don’t usually look as pleasant or natural as gravity retaining walls using stone or cinder blocks.

Sheet piling retaining walls are made by taking a flat sheet of a material like wood or metal and driving it deep into the ground so that at least one-third of the wall is below ground level. It’s important to use a durable material in this kind of wall because the most common way for sheet piling retaining walls to fail is by breaking at ground level where the pressure of the soil against them is highest. This method can be paired with the next for extra sturdiness.

Anchored Retaining Walls

This is one of the more straightforward types of retaining walls. It’s similar to a sheet piling wall, although the material used is often thicker than sheet metal or wooden planks. It involves a simple wall to keep the dirt in place, anchored into the same earth that it’s retaining by a series of cables with anchors at their ends. These anchors are driven into something like a rock face or densely packed dirt, then are expanded, often with an injection of pressurized concrete. This way, the soil is trapped between a wall and a hard place, so to speak. This method won’t work unless there’s something sturdy behind the soil that the anchors can be pounded into. If there isn’t, then there’s no force holding the wall in place.

Cantilevered Retaining Walls

Cantilevered retaining walls are usually made out of one solid piece of sturdy material like concrete. They’re built in an L shape so that the dirt that they are retaining is pushing down on the bottom of the L and against the top. This way, the weight of the dirt itself is what keeps it from moving.

This is already one of the most durable types of retaining walls, but it can be made even stronger by including buttresses behind the wall that provides extra support. Because this kind of wall is usually made of reinforced concrete, it isn’t very pretty to look at, but a stone or brick facade could be applied to remedy that.

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5 Tips For Outdoor Landscape Lighting

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A photo of outdoor landscape lighting from Scapes Inc Landscaping OKC.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

A successful outdoor landscape lighting plan relies upon the strategic placement of the right fixtures and correct wiring. Consider waterproof lights for water features, offset lighting for pathways, highlighting, spotlighting, and floodlighting depending upon the elements you want to enhance. When carefully designed, you can even simulate moonlight using select tree-mounted spotlights.

Other considerations include the expanse, height, seasonal factors, and the size of the transformer to accommodate both your initial lighting plans and your desire to add to or expand your lighting features as your garden grows. To get started with your outdoor landscape lighting plans, begin with an essential aspect of your property, which is your home. Lighting the night is all about the atmosphere. You are not trying for stadium floodlights where you turn the night into day.

With the right fixtures and features, your nighttime illumination also provides safety and security for you and your guests. Highlighting architectural features takes advantage of the design of your home and property while safely lighting the way. To help you create your fantastic nighttime environment, here are five tips for outstanding outdoor landscape lighting ideas:

Focus First on Lighting Your HouseScapes Inc Landscaping OKC shows you a photo of outdoor landscape lighting.

You want to make the most of the most expensive part of your property, and that is your home. You can affect lighting accents that make your property stand out at night featuring aspects of your architecture that are only visible at night. Whether that is downlighting walls from above, drawing the uplight from below or taking advantage of unique architectural features, first focus on the façade.

Choices of lighting fixtures include:

Bullet lights – upward-facing narrow beams typically spaced about 1-foot from the foundation and focusing on the most attractive architectural aspects such as columns, eaves, dormers, or corners of the house.
Wash lights – to throw a soft, diffuse light intended to brighten facades, garden walls, or privacy fences.
Floodlights – brighter than a wash, more extensive than a bullet, and best used sparingly to illuminate broad areas or tall trees.

If you are not interested in doing the work yourself, you can choose to go with a pro. A professional can help with the initial design plans, budget, installation, and the warranty.

Take the time to evaluate your lighting needs to determine if you would be better off with the professionals who are already prepared with the tools, equipment, and knowledge to perform a more dynamic outdoor landscape lighting design in the same amount of time.

2.Light the Way for Foot Traffic

Outdoor landscape lighting must include the courses or pathways where you and your guests will be walking. Those unfamiliar with your layout will need the light to avoid trip and fall hazards while the lighting creates a welcoming atmosphere that safely shows the way. This may be walkways, steps, or decks where people go to areas where the entertainment or dining takes place.

Avoid a straight line of lights on a pathway, so it does not resemble a landing strip. Staggering lights that shine down along the path will not look too busy or distracting. Bollards give you a contemporary way to establish a safe boundary. Where you have steps, you can use LED or strip lighting, or you can plan to install built-in lights that appear to come from underneath to illuminate where people step. Consult with a professional if you are not sure of the proper height or placement or want to learn more about on-trend lighting features such as LED pavers.

3.Make Your Plants and Trees the Stars of the Night

Making use of your plants and trees transforms your yard into a magical land at night. Whether you are illuminating the space intended for backyard dining or drawing the eyes of your guests across the yard to view the mystery of your grand trees and plant life, you have a lot of options.

You can string lights, pendants, or lanterns and use LED or solar-powered lighting. Place uplights highlighting the trunks of trees or downlights with good lights to show off the branch structure of trees. Garden fixtures can be placed taller than plants to showcase them. Tree-mounted lights can also bathe a natural stone patio in a glow that sets the mood.

4.Illuminate Water Features


If you have a pool or pond, you have a golden opportunity to exploit your outdoor landscape lighting. Whether you bother to install waterproof fixtures below the water line or create your floating rafts of candlelight, you can have fun lighting your water features.

A garden wall with a fountain installed is yet another place where lighting changes the mood and creates an atmosphere after dark. These can be achieved in different ways, whether you add a sconce or use underwater lighting to draw the illumination up from within the well.

5.You Have a Lot of Choices When it Comes to Outdoor Landscape Lighting.A photo of a completed landscaping project from Scapes Inc Landscaping OKC.

There is no shortage of outdoor landscape lighting materials available, whether in-store or online. Most landscape lighting is intentionally low voltage because it is safer and less costly. With a step-down transformer that reduces the 120-volt household current to a safe 12 volts and a choice of bulbs to determine brightness, beam width, color, and electricity demand, you have much to choose from.

You will need cable to carry the current, and you may be digging trenches to connect the cable to fixtures. If you do not have a 20-amp GFCI-protected receptacle for your transformer, this may be the impetus to contact a professional for guidance. A 10-gauge cable running to a waterproof junction box and branching out to a 12-gauge cord will allow you to run up to 50-feet to meet an 11.5-volt halogen or 15-volt LED light. That beats a daisy chain that would otherwise overpower the lights set closest to the transformer.

When done right, you can create a most compelling impression with the mood and memories that occur when experiencing the welcoming atmosphere of your home and property after dark. If you want professional guidance and assurance that your outdoor landscape lighting is installed correctly and safely, give the experts at Scapes Inc., a call today to get the process started.

Scapes Landscaping OKC has a rich history of bringing high quality landscaping design to the OKC area. We’re known for serving Oklahoma City landscaping clients with the best rated residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services! Be sure to check out our before and after landscaping gallery. Contact us today at 405-376-0505 and request a quote.

How To Find The Best OKC Landscaper

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Learn how to find the best landscaper okc from Scapes Inc Landscaping.

A well-cared-for yard is beautiful and a place where you and your family can go when you are looking to get away from life and relax. The work that goes into keeping a yard looking beautiful can be a lot, and you might not have the time to keep your grass trimmed and your bushes looking nice. You might long for flowers but have no idea which ones will grow well in your area and how to go about planting them. An OKC landscaper can help you take care of your yard, and you can let someone else handle some of the work that goes into keeping everything beautiful if you do not want to spend time doing it all yourself.

Look for an OKC Landscaper Who Answers When You Call Them

Photo of an OKC landscaper from Scapes Inc Landscaping.

The first step in finding a landscaper to take care of your yard is getting in touch with a landscaping company. When you call an OKC landscaper, you want them to pick up right away and make time to talk with you. If you cannot get in touch with a landscaper when you first reach out to them, you do not know if you will be able to get in touch with them when you want to learn more about the designs that they are working on for your yard or when you need them to take on a landscaping issue that you are facing.

The more time that a company has been in business, the more experience the members of that company have pleasing people like you. The longer that a landscape company has been around, the more time that the members of that company have worked with people like you and figured out what people want from them. You should find a landscaping team that has been in your area for a long time and worked for a long list of clients.

Look for Landscapers Who Both Put Together and Care for Beautiful Yards:

You are trying to find one company to help you design a beautiful yard and also to help you care for the yard that you put together. Those who you contact about your landscaping needs should be able to first make your yard into all that you want it to be and then help you maintain it and keep it beautiful.

Look for an OKC Landscaper with Design Ideas that You Like

If you can see some of the design work that an OKC landscaper has done for others, you should take the time to check that out. You want to know if you like the way that they put together a yard. You want to see if they are going to give you a yard set up in a way that fits with your tastes, and that will provide you with an oasis where you can relax with your family.

When you are choosing an OKC landscaper, make sure that you find someone who will let you give them as much input as you want to give them. More than just letting you provide the data, the landscaper also has to take what you say and make changes accordingly. If you are not happy with the way that a landscaper is putting mulch around your flowers, you should be able to speak up and have them listen.

Look for OKC Landscaper Who Lets You Know When They Will Show Up

If you are out running around in your yard with your children or pets, you do not want your landscaping team to suddenly show up and think that it is okay to start working. You should have an idea of when the OKC landscaper is going to come to your home. You should be able to have the landscaping work scheduled so that you know when you need to move your play inside. A good landscaper lets you know when they will be working and how long they expect to take with their work.

Look for an OKC Landscaper Who is Good at Explaining What is Going OnScapes Inc landscaping shows you the best qualities of an OKC landscaper.

You want to understand each project in your yard. A landscaper who is good at communicating can help make everything more exciting for you and also more relaxing. You should find a landscaper who is good at explaining what they are doing and the purpose of each job that they complete.

When you are trying to figure out if there is a landscaper in your area who is better than the others, talking with friends who live near you can be helpful. Your peers might have had positive or negative experiences with some of the landscape companies in your area. Get advice from those who are close to you.

Find a Professional to Take on Your Landscaping Work

If you are going to hire a company to come and work on the landscaping needs that you have, you must consider the cost of each team of landscapers. You must find a company that is going to give you services that are worth it, no matter their cost. It can be a lot to keep a yard looking nice, but a landscaping company can help you do that, and the right landscaping company will help you do that without overcharging you.

Scapes Landscaping OKC has a rich history of bringing high quality landscaping design to the OKC area. We’re known for serving Oklahoma City landscaping clients with the best rated residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services! Be sure to check out our before and after landscaping gallery. Contact us today at 405-376-0505 and request a quote.

Your Complete Guide To Home Landscaping

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Scapes Inc Landscaping OKC showing you all the tips for home landscaping.

When you want to create a beautiful landscaping plan for your home, you should use all the tips below. You can increase the value of your home, improve the curb appeal of the house, and make the property more enjoyable for your family. You can complete each step in the process, someone in your family, or a landscaper. You can start small, and you can expand your home landscaping plan over time.

Cut The Grass To The Right Length

Your home landscaping plan should include grass cut to the correct length. Some people cut their grass too short, and other people allow their grass to get too tall. Choose a moderate height so that the grass feels soft when you walk on it. You should cut your lawn as much as needed to maintain this length. Some people need to cut their grass every week because the grass overgrows. However, some people can cut their grass every other week because the grass does not grow very fast.

Add A Design To Your Grass

Your grass can have many upgrades for your home landscaping says Scapes Inc Landscaping OKC.

You can add a design to your grass if you want the lawn to look beautiful. You can see lawn patterns when light reflects off grass blades that are pointing at you or away from you. If you cut your grass to a moderate height, you can get the light reflection you need when the grass is a little bit taller than average.

When you start to cut your grass, you should be mindful of where you are cutting. You want to make the pattern look as lovely as possible, and you do not want to stray over any boundaries you have created. Once you cut the design, use a lawn roller to make the pattern easier to see. If you have time, you could use an old-fashioned lawn-mowing roller.

Edge The Walkways And Driveway

When you mow the grass, you might not get the results you need around the edges of the lawn. You can use an edger to clip the grass or weeds at the edges of the driveway, walkways, and porch.

Check Your Shrubs And Bushes

Most people have shrubs or bushes in front of their homes. You can clip the stray branches or leaves on these bushes, and you can cut the bushes into shapes if you have a high-powered clipper. You might hire a home landscaping company to trim these bushes for you, or you could buy the bushes in the shape you want. Maintaining the form is easy if you have the design formed for you.

Plant Flowers

You can try to plant flowers around your lawn to bring some color to your home landscaping plan. You might plant simple flowers that are easy to care for, or you might add flowers to the lawn that are your favorite color.

Some people will use rose bushes to add color to the lawn, or you might want to plant tall azalea bushes to cover the front of the house. If you are planting flowers near the mailbox, you should block off a space that contains just those flowers. You can put flowers in pots on your porch or stoop. You can plant flowers that need shade under your trees, or you can plant flowers along the edges of your driveway or walkways.

Plant Trees

It would help if you did not plant boring evergreens on your property because they are hard to maintain. You may have trees on the lawn that are not very tall, and you should cut back their branches as much as possible. If you add trees to the yard, you should choose small trees like elms or pear trees. It would be best if you chose a tree that you think will match the color of your house, and you may want to plant saplings so that you can control their height over time.

Remove Trees

Your home landscaping plan might include removing trees. If you are working with a home landscaping company, they may or may not have the resources to cut down trees. Make sure that you work with an arborist or tree service that can remove trees, grind the stumps, and make the lawn look better. You should remove trees if the branches are damaging the house. It would be best if you asked an arborist to diagnose problems with your trees, and you can cut down any trees that you believe sway too much every time a storm hits your area.

Scapes Inc Landscaping OKC shows you how to add stones to your home landscaping.Use Stones Wisely


You can add stones and pavers to your property to create outlines around the property. The rocks that you use should be the proper color for the property, and you should not use stones that cover your flowers or take away from your home landscaping design.

Use Retaining Walls When Needed

You can use railroad ties that will act as retaining walls around your property. The railroad ties you are using are beneficial because they add color to the property while giving you a talking point. You could order railroad ties from old railroad lines in the area, and you should ask for cast iron railroad nails to hold them together. You can add a bit of character to the property, and you can use these retaining walls in place of stones that will guard your bushes or flowers.


When you are ready to make your property look beautiful, you should talk to an expert home landscaper. The landscaper can help you with your grass, flowers, bushes, and boundaries around the property. It would help if you made changes to your lawn slowly, and you can add color to the property that will make the house look more valuable. You can continue to make changes to the property that will add value, or you can make changes that will keep the home safe. You can take down trees, add pavers, or plant bushes that help frame the property. Make a plan with an expert if you want to retake control of your lawn.

Scapes Landscaping OKC has a rich history of bringing high quality landscaping design to the OKC area. We’re known for serving Oklahoma City landscaping clients with the best rated residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services! Be sure to check out our before and after landscaping gallery. Contact us today at 405-376-0505 and request a quote.