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Scapes, Inc. is dedicated to offering exceptional products and landscape lighting design in OKC, Nichols Hills, Edmond, Yukon, Mustang, Tuttle, Deer Creek, and Arcadia areas. When designed properly, outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy your landscape design with a new perspective. Understanding why a client wants to install outdoor lighting will determine how the lights are placed. Are the outdoor lights being installed for security, to extend the period of time to enjoy the garden, or to view the landscape in a different atmosphere?

Scapes Inc Landscaping OKC provided this photo for a Custom Landscape Lighting project near Oklahoma City, OK.

Installing Outdoor Lighting OKC

When an OKC landscape designer incorporates outdoor lighting properly, an environment can have a completely different ambience. Some of the many  design tricks and techniques that Scapes, Inc. OKC uses to make our projects unique include:

  • Lighting a wall behind a plant to enhance different colors and textures;
  • Install downlights highlighting a flower bed;
  • Lighting a native tree beyond the property to give the appearance of a larger landscape or yard;
  • Using a softer light bulb on a smaller yard, or a brighter bulb in a larger yard;
  • Hiding landscape lighting fixtures behind plants and boulders;
  • ‘Flooding’ or ‘White washing’ accent walls;
  • Illuminating dry creek beds with unique angles to give it a ‘glowing’ effect.

Outdoor Lighting Design Process

Once a client has contacted us requesting lighting installation, the steps from beginning to the final product include the following:

  • Initial meeting- A Scapes landscape designer will visit the client at the OKC property where the lights will be installed. During this meeting, we will discover the purpose for installing landscape lights on your OKC area property (security, aesthetic, function etc).
  • Proposal of the landscape lighting design and lighting estimate – After the initial meeting, Scapes will design the outdoor lighting to best fit the clients’ needs while hiding the fixtures to prevent glare and maintain a quality outdoor lighting design.
  • Installation and follow up – Once the client approves the proposal, installation will begin. At completion, a Scapes lighting designer will meet at your OKC property at night to adjust the lights if needed and make modifications.
Scapes Inc Landscaping OKC provided this photo for a custom backyard pool landscape lighting design near Oklahoma City, OK.

Scapes, Inc. OKC believes in standing behind our work. We offer a 5-year parts and labor warranty on all of our landscape lighting installations. Scapes OKC uses only the best brand of lights, installed with a level of expertise Scapes, Inc. is known for. Our designers understand people enjoy flowers and aesthetically pleasing flower beds, so we use electrical grey pipe to ensure the wiring is preserved and safe. We make sure to use enough wire to allow the homeowner to expand the lighting down the driveway or road in the future should they choose to do so. When you choose Scapes OKC for your outdoor lighting design, you choose professional landscape lighting designers that know the OKC climates and nature. Scapes designers know how to do the job right. Contact us today at (405) 376-0505 to inquire about any current specials for the greater OKC area.

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