March 15, 2021

Here are 10 Ideas to Keep the Spring Landscape Beautiful

As the climate gets warmer and new blooms color the yard, it is ideal for spring landscape projects. This article provides ten easy landscaping ideas that are sure to keep yards fresh. These projects will bring new life into the home, providing a refreshing change that invigorates the environment.

Keeping the yard fresh in the springtime sets it up for the rest of the year to ensure it is kept beautiful during the summer and fall seasons.

Add a Flowering Vine

The first step to adding a flowering vine is to consider the species, how fast it grows, and how much maintenance it requires. For instance, trumpet vines are rapid growers but require careful attention. Jasmine is a vine that stays green all year long, giving the yard a pop of color in the winter months.

Flowering vines are a great way to add color to the yard and make it more interesting. They are great for covering up walls or gates and create a different dimension in the yard.

Keeping Trees Tidy

The best time to prune trees is during the late spring, just after they are done blooming. They must be pruned at the right time because pruning them later in the growing season or during winter runs the risk of removing flower buds, which leads to fewer flowers.

Spring clean-up landscaping is an easy way to give the yard a fresh look without a significant time investment. Tidying up the trees will keep them healthy and looking their best.

a picture of spring landscape ideasPlant Statement Shrubs

A rose bush is a great way to add color and natural beauty to a yard. Shrubs are another great way to create a stunning addition. They add texture, variety, and height to yard space. These plants are a great way to fill in those problematic areas where you can cover ugly things. There are many varieties to choose from, and they are a great way to complement the rest of the landscape.

Emphasize Native Plants

Native plants provide a very low-maintenance option that requires minimal watering or wintertime protection. It is an ideal way to fill up a yard and provides benefits to the surrounding eco-system.

If the yard is located in a sunny, dry area, blue agave does very well. Asking the local landscaper for suggestions and researching the local climate online are great ways to start the selection process for the new native plants.

Fill Up Spaces With Potted Greenery

Potted plants bring a lot of life and depth to the yard. They are a great way to fill any gaps in the yard and provide an opportunity to incorporate ornamental touches. It is a great way to add a unique personality with simple plants like a cactus or popping with color like Geraniums.

Both the plant and the planter can be designed to complement the yard. There are many unique ways in which pots can enhance the yard’s style and the home’s unique personality.

Build a Rock Wall

Adding a rocky feature to the yard such as steps, a wall, or a border is a great way to incorporate various elements. It can serve as a retaining wall or be solely decorative. With some careful planning, this project can provide eye-catching results.

Springtime is the perfect time to tackle a project of this sort as the weather will cooperate. There are many types of stones to choose from, and there are artistic patterns that can create a special place in the yard.

Add New Mulch

To add an accent of color and texture to the yard, selecting a colorful mulch is an easy way to accomplish that. Depending on the rest of the yard’s style, different colors such as gold, red, cedar, or black will give the yard a polished look.

Adding mulch not only gives the yard a finished look but is also beneficial for the plants and soil.

a photo of spring landscapingPlant Trees

One way to enhance the yard is to plant a tree or two. It is extremely beneficial for the environment creating more oxygen around the yard. They will last for decades and may even give fruit.

One type of tree suitable for a variety of climates is the Japanese Maple. They give a beautiful colorful bloom that will liven the yard.

Edge the Lawn

An easy way to give the yard a fresh look is by delineating the space where the lawn ends, and the landscaping begins. It prevents the grass from overpowering other areas and provides the beds some space, making the whole yard seem more spacious.

Edging the lawn gives the yard lots of curb appeal and a manicured look. It is a great way to add value to the landscape without spending lots of money.

Create a Focal Point

Adding a personalized touch to the yard is a great way to bring more life into it and a fresh look. Creating a focal point is a project that can bring the family together; it is an opportunity to create an artistic piece that symbolizes the family’s passions and interests.

It is fun to bring non-gardening elements together and fill them up with plants. One idea is to refurbish an old wagon or toy truck to serve as a fun planter for colorful flowers.

Get Started!

Even if just one or two of these ideas are implemented, it is enough to give the yard a renovated feel. Consulting with the best local landscaping service in the area is an excellent start to spring landscape ideas. Landscaping professionals bring helpful strategies that can save time and money on any project. Call today for a consultation!

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