When you need reliable custom swimming pool design and installation, look no further than Scapes, Inc. Scapes, Inc. is a locally owned swimming pool and landscape design company serving OKC, Edmond, Nichols Hills, area. Backyard swimming pools, spas and waterfalls in Oklahoma add a custom element to your outdoor landscape. Whether it be a modern or natural theme, we believe a swimming pool designed with the client’s preference in mind is top priority. We know OKC swimming pool design and want to be your trusted expert. 


A swimming pool in OKC can be one of the largest investments a homeowner will make to a residence, so you want to make sure it is designed and installed correctly. Quality is key when considering a custom pool design and installation. Our team has the reputation as the best swimming pool contractor in the business. Scapes, Inc takes pride in helping our clients make the right design decision for their home. 

One of the most important steps in swimming pool and spa design is to make sure the design fits your needs. Homeowners in the greater OKC area have different desires when it comes to pool design. Maybe your family has small children and a pool with a shallow beach-entry for play and graduated entry is perfect. Maybe the perfect pool for you is accommodating large groups of people for backyard parties? If so, you might consider designing your pool with built-in seating around the deep end or a larger sun deck as an easy way to stay cool during hot Oklahoma summers.


Does your custom swimming pool design include a waterfall? Scapes, Inc. knows a waterfall design should imitate nature, or at least appear this way. Many OKC pool builders make a simple mistake when incorporating a waterfall…the finished product ends up looking like a large pile of rocks was left next to the pool. Because we know OKC and all surrounding towns, we take pride in using the natural landscape of our state as inspiration when building and designing waterfalls with your swimming pool. The key is we make sure the landscape design includes trees and shrubs native to Oklahoma within the boulders to soften the waterfall and give the appearance there is more than you can see. This design serves dual purpose to hide the water source as well.  

The Landscape Architect on staff at Scapes, Inc. will visit with you to understand these variables, and custom design your modern or natural pool to make sure that it serves the correct function. Using your Landscaper to design your pool come with a benefit- it allows your landscape project to fit together in a seamless plan. The ability to design a pool and how it interacts with landscaping, artificial turf, pergola, patio and other elements will substantially increase the success of completing the ideal atmosphere.

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