Installing a pool, spa or a waterfall can add an extra element to a landscape. We believe that the pool should be designed with the client’s design preference in mind, whether it be modern or natural themed property. A pool serves many purposes, and we design the pool according to how the client will use the area. If you have small children for example, we may consider designing a pool with a shallow ‘beach’ area so that they can play in the shallow water. Will you have large groups of people over for parties- if so, we may recommend building in seating on the deep end to accommodate more guests.
Quality is key when considering building a pool. A swimming pool can be one of the biggest investments one could make in a residence, so you want to make sure it is done correctly. We believe in using the best contractors in the business, as well as make sure our clients make the right decision. One of the most important steps to the best pool or spa is to make sure that the design fits every need.

When designing a natural waterfall on a pool, we believe it should imitate nature- or at least appear this way. Many pool designs with a waterfall in Oklahoma City make one simple mistake- it looks like a large pile of rocks next to the pool. Here at Scapes, inc., we pride ourselves in researching nature and using the natural landscape as inspiration when building waterfalls on pools. The key is we make sure that we plant trees and shrubs within the boulders to soften the waterfall, make the appearance that there is more that you can see, as well as hide the actual water source.
A modern pool, when designed properly, will have a sense if being perfectly complimenting other elements of the yard. Many variables exist when designing a modern pool, such as:
– How does it interact with the concrete design?
– Is the client willing to sacrifice some functionality for appearance, or is functionality of the space more important?
– Will there be any other structures surrounding the pool- if so, how should they interact (color, layout, style)?

The Landscape Architect on staff at Scapes, inc. will visit with you to understand these variables, and custom design your modern or natural pool to make sure that it serves the correct function. Using your Landscaper to design your pool come with a benefit- it allows your landscape project to fit together in a seamless plan. The ability to design a pool and how it interacts with landscaping, artificial turf, pergola, patio and other elements will substantially increase the success of completing the ideal atmosphere.

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