June 17, 2021

Landscape Design Vs. Landscape Architecture

Landscape Design Vs. Landscape Architecture

Landscaping is engaging in activities that change or enhance the natural features of a yard or garden. It involves gardening where plants are grown in a planned manner to present them aesthetically. It also entails designing, which uses...

May 7, 2021

5 Oklahoma Native Plants That Will Thrive in Oklahoma’s Climate

Oklahoma Native Plants For Your Garden

A garden is an excellent addition to your home as it makes it more aesthetically pleasing. Gardens are a great place to relax after a stressful day, and you can also use them to host a small party for your friends. Picking native flowers and plants...

April 19, 2021

8 Unique Swimming Pool Designs For Your Backyard

8 Unique Landscaping Designs For Your Swimming Pool

You spend a large number of your summer weekends lounging by your swimming pool with friends or family. It is, therefore, essential to use landscaping that makes the area look beautiful and represents a part of who you are. Walking in...

March 15, 2021

10 Spring Landscape Ideas To Keep Your Yard Fresh

Here are 10 Ideas to Keep the Spring Landscape Beautiful

As the climate gets warmer and new blooms color the yard, it is ideal for spring landscape projects. This article provides ten easy landscaping ideas that are sure to keep yards fresh. These projects will bring new life into the...