Scapes Inc believes that hardscape elements, such as sidewalks and driveways, should be designed to interact with the landscape in a way that appeals to the eye. When designing sidewalks and driveways, we make sure that it serves the functionality needed for the homeowner’s use.


There are several elements to consider when installing a new driveway or walkway:

  • Traffic flow when pulling into the property
  • When guests are visiting, where will they park
  • Is the driveway wide enough for a vehicle to pass another parked vehicle
  • How often will people use the walkway
  • What style best fits the design of the house and landscape (modern, contemporary, freeform)
  • Elevation change to ensure proper drainage
  • How it interacts with flowerbeds and tree placements

Here at Scapes inc, our certified Landscape Architect on staff has over 40 years of experience that understands the variables to consider when designing sidewalks and driveways. Once the layout of a sidewalk and driveway has been designed, the next step is to consider what type of finish and material desired for the project.

  • Concrete color
  • Stamped concrete finish (texture)
  • Flagstone walkways or concrete walkways
  • Pavestone walkways or Driveways
  • Granite screenings (often used in English style homes for walkways and driveways)

When you contact Scapes inc to help with your sidewalk or driveway project, you can be assured that the design and quality of work will be second to none. To get started on your project, click here.

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