September 23, 2021

All homeowners have the dream of making their home look as beautiful as it could be. One of the best ways to do that is by finding trustworthy and knowledgeable local landscape designers in OKC.

local landscape designers


 Landscaping helps add plants and other non-leaving features to the yard that add to its beauty. However, lawn care is one of the most tiresome and time-consuming tasks clients can do, which is why people choose professional landscaping services. 

 Sometimes, it is hard for homeowners to decide what to do with their outdoor space, requiring landscape designers. 

 These are professionals who help clients create plans for how to upscale their homes. Those plans include both hardscape and softscape features.

Why Hire Local Landscape Designers in OKC?

1. Availability and reliability

 Most local landscape designers in Oklahoma City have offices near the client, which means they get to the clients faster than other companies. 

 It is also possible for the customers to visit the designers’ offices and talk to them one on one instead of talking to other companies over the phone. 

 Because of how fast the local designers can get to their clients, it is easier for them to develop a work schedule that will work for both of them. 

2. Understand trends and local regulations and local flora

 Local landscape designers understand all the landscaping trends, regulations, and requirements of the area. That means that when they complete their work, not only will the client have perfect results, but they will not have the risk of being on the wrong side of the law. 

3. Good relationship

 With a local designer, there are chances that the client knows them directly or knows someone who knows them directly. 

 With that kind of relationship, communication between the client and the designers is better, but the client will feel free to express their ideas or concerns to the designers. The clients also don’t have to worry about the security of their property or the company’s legitimacy. 

4. Good results

 When clients work with local landscaping companies, they are guaranteed an excellent job, unlike if they did the job themselves. That is because the employees have the proper knowledge, skills, experience, and equipment. 

How To Find the Best Local Landscape Designers in OKC

Local landscape designer backyard, grandmother and grandson enjoying garden maintenance.

 When clients want to get the best backyard designing services, they need to look for the best landscape designers in Oklahoma City. Some of the things they can do to ensure they land the best local landscape designers include: 


 Clients can go to the internet and look for all the local landscaping designers near them. They can also read landscape blogs and look at the ones that many people highly recommend. 

Ask about their experience

 Clients must understand how long the company has been designing landscapes. For that, they need to ask the company about some of their latest jobs and ask for photos or videos. 

Look at their reputation

 Clients should check what other clients say about the company and how good they are at their job. The first way is to view their profile, which means visiting the company’s website and other social media pages to read about their values and qualities. 

 While at it, clients should also read the customer reviews and look at the company’s ratings. That way, they have an idea of the services to expect. 

Difference Between Landscape Designers, Landscape Architects, And Landscapers

Landscape designers

 Landscape designers are professionals who help clients develop a plan of landscaping their outdoor space depending on the size, climate, topography, and needs of the clients. Just like interior designers, they use certain design elements to make an outdoor space beautiful. 

 Landscape designers work on small-scale projects, primarily residential properties, and do not need a degree or license to do their job. While their responsibilities could vary depending on their experience and knowledge, some of their primary responsibilities include; 

  • Setting up meetings with their clients 
  • Making 3D models or CADD plans depending on the clients’ budget and goals 
  • Taking photographs of the property and recommending things you can do
  • Planning and discussing the overall style of the landscape with their clients 
  • Landscape architects

Unlike landscape designers, landscape architects work on large-scale projects and need a degree and license to work. 

Landscape architectural work involves bringing natural elements like plants and non-living structures like water features to ample space. Some of their responsibilities include; 

  • Meeting with clients and other team members like engineers 
  • Create plans with CADD technology
  • Researching the worksite to identify any limitations or difficulties
  • Research about all the regulations and requirements for them to work on the site 


 Landscapers are the people who bring landscape work to life. They need the proper education and a license to operate. Some of their responsibilities include; 

  • Bringing all the ideas suggested by the landscape designer to life 
  • Maintaining the outdoor space by mowing the lawn, trimming flowers and edges, fertilizing, mulching, and watering 
  • 3 Creative Backyard Ideas From Local Landscapers

1. Water features

Adding water features to the backyard is one of the designs that many people are continually adapting. Some of the water features could include ponds, fountains, or bird feeders. 

These features make the backyard look beautiful and help maintain a cool atmosphere in the yard. They also attract animals like birds in the backyard, which could help pollinate flowers and fruit trees. 

However, the main disadvantage is that they need maintenance to keep them looking clean and beautiful. 

2. Add pops of color

When many people think about landscaping, their mind clicks to make their outdoor space as green as possible. While that is a great idea, adding different bright colors to the backyard makes it fun and attracts more pollinators to the yard. 

People can add fun colors by adding different colored flowers, painting their planters, or painting features like the fire pit. 

3. Have a kid zone

Homeowners who have kids have to deal with the kids walking all over the place and sometimes destroying their flowers or other structures. 

Adding a kid zone is the solution to keep the backyard from damage and ensure the kids have maximum fun in the backyard. They can have some things like a slide or a treehouse where the kids can play.

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