April 19, 2021

8 Unique Landscaping Designs For Your Swimming Pool

You spend a large number of your summer weekends lounging by your swimming pool with friends or family. It is, therefore, essential to use landscaping that makes the area look beautiful and represents a part of who you are. Walking in your pool area should make you feel transported to an island paradise. Bear in mind a well-landscaped pool area is perfect for formal and informal parties. To achieve this look, you need to hire an experienced company that has well-trained and knowledgeable employees. We have worked on large and small properties to create excellent swimming pool designs for our clients.

At Scapes Inc, we are a top Oklahoma City landscape design company with many years of experience. We have worked on large and small properties to create excellent swimming pool designs for our clients. Our team is passionate about design and takes the time to study the area and pick the right plants to suit you. If you are looking for a pool landscaping company, contact us today.

Here are eight landscape designs for your beautiful pool.

Tropical Landscaping

Natural shade around your pool can help enhance your afternoon poolside experience. Using colorful tropical plants can help add color and draw attention to the swimming pool and the cool water. You can choose to have a few potted palms, some bougainvillea, and other flowers to make the area beautiful.

Pick hardscaping materials carefully to give the area a modern or vintage appeal. Make sure that you choose something that works with your house. When complete, it will provide an island experience to you and your family. Our Scapes Inc team can help you with the design aspects of your pool area to ensure it is perfect for you and your house.

Desert Landscaping

We all like different things, and a desert design is a great way to bring out your love of the dunes of the Arabian deserts. You can choose a variety of cactus and other desert plants for your pool area. Our swimming pool design team will help you pick your cactus and other plants to ensure you get the best. They can also add rocks and other design aspects to give your pool a perfect desert theme.

Oasis In The Desert

Building on the desert theme, you can add a waterfall design to your desert pool to give it an oasis look. The idea is to make it seem like the waterfall is feeding the pool. You can strategically put in green plants and cacti to go with this theme. Our swimming pool design team can build the design to ensure that you can use it both for entertaining in the evening and during the day. They are also experienced and will be able to find the perfect plants for this design.

Pool With a View

If you have a great view from your pool area, the best design should not obstruct it. Consider a manicured lawn lined with flowers and a tree or two. You can also plant your favorite flowers along the edge of your pool to highlight them. Consider placing dimmable lights on the lawn so that you can enjoy the view in the evening, especially if it is the city lights. Ensure that the trees do not obstruct your view of the mountains, the city lights, or the nearby river. It will enhance your experience, whether swimming in the pool or simply relaxing in a chair reading a book.

swimming pool with a view

Lighting Effects 

If you enjoy an evening swim, lighting is essential. You can use light to highlight your landscaping features, such as pool lights to show off your tropical landscaping. Our team has experience doing this and will select the perfect plants for your design and highlight them perfectly to enhance the aesthetic appeal in the evening. They will ensure that in the evening, your pool area is your private island.

swimming pool with lights


Waterfalls are an excellent way to make your pool appear more natural and part of the landscape. There are a variety of ways to add them to your pool design. You can create a fun pool by creating partitionings using natural stones, which produce a river aesthetic. You can also add several waterfalls near the pool. Bear in mind that these designs work best for large swimming pools.

It is essential to put in plants to enhance the natural waterfall look. Our swimming pool design team has created many waterfall designs that our clients love. You can talk to them about what you want to do with your pool, and they will give you excellent advice. They can install the perfect lights to enhance the appearance of your waterfall during the night.

swimming pool with waterfall

Gazebo and Pool

Adding a gazebo to your pool edge is a great way to enhance the elegance of your property. You can line the pool edge with flowers that stretch into green plants giving it a beautiful forest look. Grass on the edges and some hardscaping will make the design appear natural. Our team can also use light to highlight the gazebo and the flowers on the far edge of your pool. They will help you pick the best plants for your area, ensuring they do well.

swimming pool with a cabana

Pond Pools

If you are looking for another way to make your pool look natural, consider a pond aesthetic. That involves using a large number of green plants, grass, and trees. Make sure that you plant them around your pool so that the area looks completely green. That will give your swimming pool the look of a pond in the forest. Our swimming pool design team can add in lights so that it looks enchanted during the night, something your children will love.

Scapes Inc, are the top landscape design company in Oklahoma City. Our company was founded in 1981 and has worked with various homeowners to create pool designs that are beautiful and functional. The team is passionate and dedicated and will ensure that they bring in materials that work perfectly with Oklahoma weather. If you are looking for a pool landscaping company in OKC, call us today.

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