October 16, 2020

Oklahoma Landscaping Ideas

Every front yard benefits tremendously from landscaping, especially when you include a blend of trees, flowers, and shrubs. It makes a house look appealing to the eye due to the evergreen scenery all year round. A perfect front yard requires commitment and creativity from both the owner and the landscape expert. Front yard landscaping services offer unique landscaping perks that leave your yard looking remarkable. Read on to find out more about Oklahoma landscaping ideas that transform a yard into appealing scenery.

Front Yard Window Landscaping

Planting flowers is a fantastic front yard landscaping idea that can turn a front yard into an exciting haven. They add beauty to a home, and when done uniquely, they are a signature to real estate perfection. Flowers add value to a home, making it fetch more money on the market. However, planting flowers requires creativeness and attention to detail. For a front yard landscape, a landscaping professional will plant flowers on window boxes and house borders. They use high-quality perennial flowers of different attractive colors, shapes, and sizes to transform the landscape into an attraction. The most common flowers they use include petunias and hydrangeas. With the right care, these flowers last all-year-long adding value and charm to a home’s entryway.

a photo of different flowers in the front yardMulti-Season Flowers on the Front Yard Flowerbed

Landscaping professionals’ can also support you plant multi-season flowers on your front yard flowerbed. Multi-season flowers bloom at different times of the year, and if they are timed correctly, the flowerbed will always be blooming. All through the year, the flowerbed will always be beautiful and appealing due to the majestic color blend. Besides, planting these multi-season flowers on the window boxes and house borders can also increase a home’s beauty.
Climbing Wall Plants

Don’t exactly love that front yard exterior wall? Plant some climbing wall plants around the front yard wall borders for a change. Climbing plants are a great alternative to border flowers. Not only do they add a little green to the front yard, but these climbing plants make your home look more attractive. Climbing wall plants can be of different colors, and it is best if they are perennial to avoid drying and dying out when the weather gets harsh. It is important to water and maintain them effectively to remain fresh, green, and healthy. The landscaping expert can use flowering climbing plants or mix them with perennial flowers to make the front yard more colorful. It is also vital to trim and shape them to ensure they maintain a perfect shape and size to avoid overgrowing or overcrowding.

Circular Flower Bed with a Shrub or Tree in the Middle

A tree or shrub in the middle of a front yard can be stressful, especially with the leaf droppings that demand constant collecting. However, designing flower beds around the tree’s shade can solve this problem while adding beauty to the front yard. Most flowers require sunlight to thrive, but it is important to choose the flowers carefully due to the adverse effects of shade.
Take advantage of flower varieties that can thrive in such conditions, such as begonias, pansies, and sweet alyssum. Before planting the flowers, the landscaping expert prepares the flowerbed and demarcates the borders in a circular form using small rocks. He/she then plants the flowers in an orderly fashion and finally waters them. As such, the mature flowers look beautiful and evergreen. Leaf droppings serve as an excellent source of manure to support plant growth while also eliminating the need to collect the leaves.

a photo of a staircase in the front yard with various flowers

Cinder Block Planting Bed

For a more modern yard, a landscaping expert can use cinder block planting beds. They are a classy and attractive way to transform a front yard into palatial-like scenery. Cinder blocks are best for planting succulent plants, especially ones that don’t grow extra tall. A landscaping expert can use them on the house’s borders or pitch them on the spot that they deem fit. They are best for ferns and low evergreen shrubs that don’t grow excessively. They can also be best for hanging weeds or shrubs. For a more chic landscaping look, trim all overgrown shrubs.

Driveway Flowerbed with Lights

Modern Oklahoma landscaping requires prioritizing both beauty and security. Bringing these two critical requirements together can develop a fantastic landscape that covers both needs with a driveway flowerbed with lights. Driveways are narrow and often lengthy, so some low and well-trimmed flowers and shrubs are ideal for this type of front yard landscaping design. Then, the lights are installed in an orderly fashion, each equidistant from the other. These lights can be of any color and brightness, depending on the owner’s taste and style.

Water Fountain with a Flowerbed Border

A water fountain is an elegant and classy landscaping design that adds style and flavor to a home. By adding a flower bed border to the water fountain, the front yard becomes even more appealing. One can choose several water fountain styles from a Mediterranean fountain, a Water-Wise Western, Japanese fountains, wall fountains, and cascading fountains. The fountain is then set in the middle of the front yard, especially on a long footway with a circular flowerbed. The landscaping expert can then plant perennial flowers along the fountain’s border. The flowers should be well kept to prevent them from growing into the fountain. A raised fountain such as a Mediterranean fountain is best to help curb flower overgrowth into the fountain for better results.

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