When landscaping in a native environment, installing dry creek beds help connect nature with the landscape surrounding a home. It is important to maintain the feel of natural occurrence in landscape design so we focus on giving the aesthetic that the creek bed has always existed. 

Landscape Design begins with understanding what the property naturally offers. When a property offers an opportunity to take advantage of elevation changes, we often do so by adding boulders and dry creeks in groupings to add dimension to the landscape. Scapes Inc OKC takes pride in our quality of work using boulders when building creeks. By tucking rock around low shrubs and existing or new plant material, it gives the appearance that the plants are growing out of the boulder groupings as they do in nature.

Functionality in Landscape Design

Does your yard have drainage issues? Scapes Inc OKC will work with the natural landscape of a yard to remedy a water issue on a residential property. How can this be done without changing the look of the yard? Drains can often be used to alleviate water drainage issues. When drains can’t completely correct the issue, dry creek beds are used to maximize the true benefit of a drainage system. Scapes Inc OKC may build a dry creek bed to hide the drains under the rock. When executed well, most people do not notice that the dry creek bed was built out of a functional need!

How We Build Dry Creeks

Building dry creek beds correctly is a difficult task that requires experience and expertise. First, we analyze the area to look for the functional need. Next, our experienced landscape architect designs the dry creek the way nature would…by running down to the lowest point of the property (water always finds the lowest point of property). Once the design is completed, we locate the rock size needed for the job (smaller the creek bed, smaller the rock). When our Scapes Inc OKC crew arrives at the property, they will begin to prepare the area and start installing the drain (if needed). Erosion fabric will be installed to prevent soil from being washed out as well as the soil silting into the rocks. Once this is complete, we will place the larger perimeter boulders in a natural fashion – this is the true art form of building dry creek beds. After the large boulders are placed, smaller creek rocks are used to fill in the open areas around the large boulders. The last step to building dry creek beds – the surrounding landscape design. Adding low-spreading native shrubs such as ferns, hostas, and junipers allows Scapes Inc OKC landscape designers to hide where the dry creek begins and ends and gives the appearance that there is more than what meets the eye.

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